New Faculty Orientation 2016


Provost’s Orientation for New Faculty  •  Tuesday, August 30

Exley Science Center, room 189 from 8am – 5pm

Patio outside of Exley for lunch from 12noon – 1:30pm

Location TBA for reception from 5pm – 7pm 

8:00-8:30                     Coffee and light breakfast

                                    A University photographer will be available to snap a few photos for your official Wesleyan photo

8:30-8:50                     Welcome and the Role of Liberal Arts at Wesleyan

                                    Michael Roth, President

8:50-9:00                     Welcome and the Role of Academic Affairs

                                    Joyce Jacobsen, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs 

9:00-9:15                     The Role of the Academic Deans

                                    Marc Eisner, Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences

                                    Joe Knee, Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

                                    Ellen Nerenberg, Dean of the Arts and Humanities

9:15–9:30                    Faculty Governance

                                    Don Moon, previous Chair of the Faculty

9:30-10:00                   Student Affairs and the Role of the Class Deans

                                    Mike Whaley, Vice President for Student Affairs

10:00-10:15                 Coffee and tea break

                                    A University photographer will be available to snap a few photos for your official Wesleyan photo

10:15-11:15                 Academic Computing – Moodle, Gotomeeting, Service Now, and software instruction

                                    David Baird, Vice President for Information Technology

11:15-11:35                 Drop/Add, WesMaps, and Course Management

                                    Anna van der Burg, Registrar

11:35-12:00                 Resources Available to Faculty at Wesleyan

                                    Library, Dan Cherubin and Suzy Taraba

                                    Davison Art Center, Clare Rogan

                                    Archeological Collections, Jessie Cohen

                                    Grants Office, Carol Scully

                                    Human Resources and Benefits, Pat Melley

                                    Wesleyan University Press, Suzanna Tamminen           

12:00-1:30                   Lunch outside

                                    A University photographer will be available to snap a few photos for your official Wesleyan photo

1:30-2:00                     Students and Disabilities

                                    Laura Patey, Associate Dean for Student Academic Resources

2:00-2:30                     Students and Mental Health

                                    Jennifer D’Andrea, Director, Counseling and Psychological Services

2:30-2:45                     Coffee and tea break

                                    A University photographer will be available to snap a few photos for your official Wesleyan photo

2:45-4:45                     Title IX: What does Gender Equity at Wesleyan Look Like?

                                    Debbie Colucci, Equity Compliance Director, Deputy Title IX Coordinator

5:00-5:30                     Adjusting to Faculty Life at Wesleyan

                                    Candice Etson, Assistant Professor of Physics

                                    Paula Park, Assistant Professor of Spanish

                                    Yamil Velez, Assistant Professor of Government

5:30-7:00                     Welcome Cocktail Reception for Faculty and Spouses/Partners

                                    Location TBA


Preliminary Teaching Workshop  •  Wednesday, August 31

Location: Exley Science Center, room 189

Workshop leader: Peter Gottschalk, Director, Office for Faculty Career Development


Introduction to your new learning community


8:00-8:30                     Coffee and light breakfast

8:30-8:45                     A Community of Colleagues: think-pair-share of best teaching moments

8:45-9:00                     Cultivating a Dialog – The Center for Faculty Career Development: Services

                                    Peter Gottschalk, Professor of Religion, South Asia Studies Certificate, and Director of the Office for Faculty Career Development

9:00-9:30                     Who Are Your Students?

                                    Louise Brown, Dean for Academic Advancement




9:30-10:00                   Crafting a Conversation – ideas on discussion

                                    Stephanie Weiner, Professor of English

10:00-10:20                 Building Course Syllabi: Your Agreement with Students

                                    Hands-on workshop, constructing and reviewing your course syllabus.

                                    Jan Naegele, Professor of Biology

                                    Abderrahman Aissa, Adjunct Instructor in Arabic 

10:20-10:40                 Coffee Break: think-pair-share discussion of syllabi

10:40-10:50                 Sharing insights about syllabi

10:50-11:20                 Working the Crowd – tips on giving effective lectures

                                    Scott Higgins, Professor and Chair of Film Studies


Course and classroom resources


11:20-11:35                 Introduction to Center for Pedagogical Innovation and Help with Course Design

                                    Dan Mercier, Instructional Design Instructor CPI/LLL

11:35-11:50                 Library Research and Tools

                                   Diane Klare, Head Reference Librarian

11:50-12:05                 Quantitative Analysis at Wesleyan

                                    Manolis Kaparakis, Director of Centers for Advanced Computing

                                    and Quantitative Analysis Center

12:05-12:20                 Writing at Wesleyan

                                    Anne Greene, University Professor of English and Director, Wesleyan Writers Conference

                                    Meg Weisberg, Assistant Professor of English, Interim Director, Student Writing    


The environment


12:20-1:00                   Lunch

                                    “Liberal arts” just means attending-a-small-college-in-New-England, right?: small group discussion

                                    Peter Gottschalk, Director, Office for Faculty Career Development

1:00-1:45                     Implicit Bias, Micro Messages, and the Inclusive Classroom

                                    Antonio Farias, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion/Title IX Officer       

                                    Laura Patey, Associate Dean of Student Academic Resources

1:45-2:30                     Panel on Classroom Climate [with break-out groups]

                                    Boundaries, student revolts/pushback, student feedback, socio-economic, gender, religious, racial and other sensitive issues

                                    Andy Szegedy-Maszak, Chair, Classical Studies Department

                                    Patricia M. Rodriguez Mosquera, Associate Professor of Psychology

2:30-2:45                     Coffee break

2:45-3:00                      Academic Regulations

                                    Anna van der Burg, University Registrar


More techniques


3:00-3:20                     Project-Based Learning

                                     Lisa Dierker, Professor of Psychology and Director of Pilot Programs

3:20-3:45                     Flipped Classrooms – Course Design, Practical Issues, Assignments

                                    Ruth Johnson, Assistant Professor of Biology

                                     Michael Weir, Professor of Biology

3:45-4:15                     Group discussion and jigsaw puzzle conversation on teaching techniques

                                    Peter Gottschalk and Dan Mercier


Getting to know one another better


4:15-4:30                     Building a community: faculty identity networks

                                    Christina Crosby, Professor of English – Queer Faculty, Librarians, and Staff at Wesleyan

                                    Nicole Stanton, Associate Professor of Dance, and Gina Ulysse, Professor of Anthropology – Faculty of Color Caucus

                                    Anna Shusterman, Associate Professor of Psychology – Women’s Caucus  

4:30-6:30                     Faculty & Spouse/Partner Cocktail Hour and Reception

                                     Downey House Lounge. Room 200, 294 High Street,  Middletown, CT