Video recordings can be used to help evaluate your instruction and see how your teaching looks to students. With a video, you can identify aspects of your instruction that are effective or might want to change.

OFCD invites you to evaluate your teaching with one of our professional teaching coaches. Please read the options below for having your lecture digitally recorded. Several weeks advance of having your class videotaped, please email the CFCD  to set up an appointment with the teaching coach. Please provide your name, your course, dates and times that would be convenient for feedback consultations.


Depending on your teaching needs, you can request a one-time video recording of your course or discuss with OFCD options for multiple teaching evaluation recordings using Echo360 Classroom and/or Echo360 Personal Capture software. A one-time video request involves scheduling an ITS member to setup a mounted camera and digitally record your presentation.   The Echo360 Classroom recordings are scheduled in advance and the system allows you to have automated recordings of your classes or lectures. Echo360 Personal Capture is software to record video, audio and display presentations directly  from your personal machine and you need to request to have this software installed on your office computer through ITS.  

One-Time Video Request  

To request video services for recording your class (e.g. lecture, lab, or performance) please complete the Video Request Link. The Video Request Link is also found in your Portfolio under Tools and Links>ITS Support Request and on the ITS Wesbite  when you click the Get Help.  Please enter all relevant information in your request, including  class name and course number, start and end time, date, and location of classroom.


About Echo360

Echo360 is a digital video, audio and  display (monitor) recording system. We have an unlimited university site license for Echo360 Classroom and Echo Personal Capture, two separate methods/platforms for recording digital content.  You may contact OFCD to coordinate reserving an Echo360 enabled classroom for semester-long teaching purposes. Your ACM is responsible for scheduling the classroom recordings and training on Echo360 Personal Capture. Please contact them as necessary. 

Echo360 Classrooms

The Echo360 Classroom recording system links camera, computer, and microphones used in the classroom to a server that renders scheduled classroom recordings into a final video or audio/display capture. Echo360 Classroom recordings can be linked to Moodle courses. Faculty may also download classroom recordings to their home or office machines.

The following rooms are equipped to record video, audio and computer displays:

ESC 150

HA 84

The following rooms are equipped to record audio and computer display only:

ALLB 204

CFA Hall

ESC 58

JUDD 116

PAC 001

SHNK 107


Echo360 Personal Capture

Echo360 Personal Capture is personal recording software used to make digital recordings outside the classroom environment. Personal Capture recordings can be uploaded to the Echo360 server and linked to a Moodle course. They can also be saved to your computer for future use. Once uploaded, Echo360 automatically generates a URL that you can embed in a Moodle course, email, or link to from other websites.