Fees and Expenses

The comprehensive program fees for 2010–2011 have not yet been set, but the fees for 2009–2010 are as follows:

Fall semester                $24,500
Spring semester            $24,500

The fee covers tuition, room and board, round-trip airfare from New York, a local transportation pass, and the cultural excursions organized by the program. Students are responsible for additional expenses, such as books, personal expenses, and travel while abroad.

Financial Aid

While abroad, Vassar and Wesleyan students continue to receive their financial aid under the guidelines of their home institutions. These students must contact their respective financial aid offices to arrange payment procedures. Work-study funds are not available in Madrid. Outside applicants should consult with their own financial aid advisor before applying to the program. The program does not offer scholarships, loans, or campus jobs. Applicants receiving any form of financial aid should verify that such funds will be transferable to the Vassar-Wesleyan Program in Madrid.

Schedule of Payments

Students from Vassar and Wesleyan will be billed by the Office of Student Accounts of their respective institutions, according to the normal tuition payment schedules. For other participants, a nonrefundable fee of $500 is due on May 1 for fall and November 1 for spring, and is credited to the relevant semester’s program fee. The balance of the semester fee is due August 15 for fall, and January 1 for spring. The program arranges trans-Atlantic transportation from New York. Students who make their own travel arrangements are not billed for the program’s round-trip plane fare.

Refund Policy

Tuition refunds are calculated based on the date of the student’s withdrawal from the program. Additional refunds will be based on any recoverable portion of the room and board expenditures.