All students reside in private homes in central Madrid during their first semester, within easy commuting distance of the Carlos III campus. The program’s housing coordinator, a permanent member of the staff, carefully screens the homes and places students according to their needs and interests. This policy is devised to facilitate full cultural assimilation into Spanish society by providing a congenial Spanish-speaking living environment for each student. During their second semester in the program, year-long participants may either stay in a home provided by the program or make their own living arrangements. The housing coordinator counsels students throughout the year on all matters concerning their cultural assimilation and homestays.


All participants must submit proof of health insurance coverage. The student sickness and accident insurance policies of Vassar and Wesleyan provide coverage for students studying abroad, and can be purchased by those students whose family coverage will not serve their needs. Students are required to purchase the International Student Identity Card, which carries additional insurance coverage.

Passports and Visas

Students who do not have a passport or whose passport will expire within six months of the end of the program must apply for a new one immediately. Passport numbers must be included on the application form before it is sent to the Madrid office. Student visas, granted by the Spanish consulates, are required. It may take several months to receive a student visa, so early application is strongly advised. Information about visa applications will be provided at the time of acceptance to the program and at the pre-departure orientation.