The Schedule

The group flight to Germany will be scheduled for the week before the language program begins. During the first few days, the director and the program assistants will provide information about daily life in Regensburg, and introduce the participants to banking, transportation, and cultural opportunities. After the preparatory language course comes a spring break, followed by a full academic semester.

Language Program

Eight weeks during January, February, and March are devoted to the language program, conducted in conjunction with the language-instruction section and language laboratory of the University of Regensburg. Students are grouped according to ability and background. Successful performance on the final exam allows students to enroll in courses offered by the university during the following semester. Students also may take the language examination administered by the university (PNDS). During the language course, the program offers a series of cultural events.

Spring Break

During the two- or three-week vacation (length depends on the University of Regensburg’s calendar and when holidays fall), students may travel independently or take advantage of low-cost trips sponsored by the university or student organizations to destinations such as Prague, Vienna, and Munich, or to the Alps for skiing. The residence halls remain open for those who wish to stay in Regensburg.

Typical Calendar

Below is the typical spring calendar.

The 2008 and 2009 spring semesters’ dates will vary only slightly, depending on shifts in days of the week and the University of Regensburg’s calendar.

January 25 
January 26
January 27–29 
January 30
February 15–19
March 27–29
March 30–April 23
April 24
July 28
July 31
Group flight departs for Regensburg
Arrival in Regensburg 
Orientation Weekend 
Language program begins
Group trip to Berlin
Language program exams
Spring break
Sommersemester begins
Sommersemester ends
Group flight departs