Fees and Expenses

Students in the program paid a comprehensive fee of $21,700 for spring 2009. The comprehensive fees for spring 2010 and spring 2011 will be determined the preceding fall. This fee covers tuition, housing, the program-sponsored group flight, a local bus pass, health insurance, and the theater tickets, trips, and excursions included in the cultural events series.

Other expenses, including food, are paid by the student.

Students should remember to budget for a full six months (mid-January through mid-July). Student eating habits, leisure activities, and buying patterns vary, but a rough estimate of normal expenses would be:

Food: $500 per month

Incidentals: $250 per month

Books for courses: $250

Students who expect to travel during the spring or after the end of the program should plan accordingly.

Outside students pay a $25 application fee and a $500 nonrefundable registration fee if accepted. 

Refund Policy

Tuition refunds are calculated based on the date of the student’s withdrawal from the program. Wesleyan students can see the Refund Policies section on the Student Accounts Web site for specific information. Housing refunds will be based on any recoverable portion of the housing expenditures.

Financial Aid

Students receiving financial aid from Wesleyan continue to do so as participants in the program in Germany. A budget will be provided by the Office of International Studies, and after admission to the program, students will receive a revised award letter from the Financial Aid Office. Any questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office well in advance of departure. Outside students should consult their financial aid offices, since financial aid is not always transferable. The program cannot offer scholarships or loans to students from other institutions.