Cultural Events

A series of cultural events, beginning during the period of language instruction in early February and continuing through the end of the academic program in July, includes theater and museum visits, concerts, excursions, and other events, which are paid for by the program. Trips to Berlin and Prague are likely to be included in this series.


Because of the unusually large number of residence halls, most program students will be assigned a room in either a university Studentenheim or in a Wohngemeinschaft. Students usually take their noon meal at a student cafeteria (Mensa), while the evening meal (Abendbrot) is usually prepared at home.


All participants must submit proof of health insurance coverage through family insurance coverage or through their home institution. Students also will be provided with German health insurance from their day of arrival to the end of the program. The cost of German health insurance is included in the comprehensive fee. Students are required to purchase the International Student Identity Card, which carries additional insurance coverage.

Passports, Visas

Students who do not have a passport or whose passport will expire within six months of the end of the program must apply for a new one as soon as possible. Passport numbers must be included on the application form or be sent to the program as soon as they are available. U.S. citizens, as well as citizens of certain European countries, do not need student visas. Please contact the nearest German Consulate to see if securing a student visa is necessary in your case.