Meet the Orientation Interns Of 2013

Orientation Interns plan both International Student Orientation (ISO) and New Student Orientation (NSO) with position responsibilities varying based on specific assignments. Interns will monitor email and phone lines, answering questions from new students and families related to all aspects of life at Wesleyan throughout the whole summer. 


Kate Davis

Kate Davis

Hey Class of 2017!

My name is Kate Davis and I am a rising sophomore from the Hudson Valley in New York.  I am a prospective Math and Economics double major, and I also hope to one day be fluent in Mandarin Chinese and Spanish.  I am a member of the women’s crew team, Collective Motion dance group, Economie dance group, and the Asian American Student Collective.  During winter break you can find me teaching, skiing, and riding at the Catamount Ski Area in New York/Massachusetts. 

As one of your Orientation Interns, I will be working all summer to make your first few days at Wesleyan supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!  If you see me around campus please feel free to strike up a conversation about my academic interests, my hobbies, or really whatever comes to your mind at the time- maybe you just discovered how hilarious/well-rounded/weird Wesleyan students are and you had to tell someone?  I promise you I’m not intimidating- I stand at a grand height of 5’1” (optimistically).  If you have any questions, concerns, or compliments for Wesleyan, shoot me an email-


Wagaye "Dubz" Mesele

Picture of Dubz

Whattup Class of 2017,

My name is Wagaye Mesele, but almost everyone knows me as Dubz. I’m a rising sophomore, class of 2016, and I currently live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota (yes it is a real place). For high school, I attended Choate Rosemary Hall, a boarding school about 20 minutes away from Wes. I’m a prospective Government major, and intend to earn the International Relations certificate by the time I graduate. Outside of school, I love singing and sports. I also love meeting new people, and couldn’t possibly be more excited to welcome all the newcomers to this lovely campus. This past year was crazy fun, and I know the next will be even more incredible, and it all starts with a bangin’ orientation, so get pumped.

If you have any questions, my email is Please feel free to contact me if you need anything!


Anya Morgan

Picture of Anya

Hi guys!  I'm Anya, and I'll be one of your Orientation Interns.  I'm a rising senior, double majoring in English and French.  I'm a yoga instructor for Wesleyan's fitness collective, WesBAM, and I teach a power vinyasa flow class twice a week during the school year.  In addition, I work as a tutor in the Writing Workshop.  Oh--and I'm a huge zombie enthusiast!  In fact, I'm writing my senior thesis on zombies in Haiti vs. zombies in America, so I will be watching a lot of zombie movies this summer (the best homework ever!). 

I'm originally from Los Angeles, so feel free to hit me with your complaints about the weather and the bugs--I have some tips for you if this winter will be your first time living in snow.  First tip: no flip-flops in the snow.  Learned that one the hard way.

Feel free to contact me ( with any questions, comments, concerns, knock-knock jokes, pictures of zombies doing yoga...I would love to hear from you!


Alexander Sakhno

Picture of Alex 

Hi Class of 2017,

My name is Alex Sakhno. I am a rising junior and a College of Social Studies and Economics double major. As you can tell from those majors, I am highly enthusiastic about the social sciences. In fact, I love them. Originally from Ukraine, I came to America in 2001, and have resided in New York ever since. I really hope that you choose to become involved in the vast number of groups and activities at Wesleyan. I am a member of the re-founding class of the Chi Psi Fraternity, having served as both the Treasurer and the Vice President. Also, I am a part of the Wesleyan football team. Come watch us play on Saturdays!

Orientation is so memorable. When you get here, please enjoy every moment. Wesleyan will become your second home and the students here will become your second family. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at Wesleyan at the start of Orientation, and if you have any questions you can email me at