Wesleyan Welcomes the World!

International Student Orientation is Sunday, August 27th-Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Wesleyan’s orientation program has two components, International Student Orientation (ISO) and New Student Orientation (NSO). International Student Orientation is held prior to new student orientation in order for students coming from across the the globe to recover from travel. ISO also offers sessions that address health and medical insurance issues, programs about cultural adaptation, weather adjustment, and liberal arts education, as well as informational sessions about U.S. systems that many international students may not be familiar with or that are very different from their home country. This program prepares international students and US citizens living abroad to successfully transition to New Student Orientation.

The New Student Orientation (NSO) Program is a comprehensive introduction to Wesleyan University. The program helps students build a foundation for their academic and co-curricular success. New students, including international, visiting, exchange, and transfer students, are introduced to the rigorous academic experience that awaits them through meetings with their faculty advisor as well as faculty lectures, discussions, and skill-building workshops. Wesleyan’s vast array of co-curricular opportunities, resources and services for students will be highlighted. Students build relationships with other students, faculty and administrators and have important discussions about the values, traditions, and community standards of the Wesleyan community.

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All new international students are expected to attend and participate in ISO. US citizens living abroad are not required to come to ISO, but are strongly encouraged to attend. Note: All New International Students also participate in New Student Orientation starting on Wednesday, August 30th through Sunday, September 3rd.