Packing List

The list below contains some of the things you may want to consider bringing to Wes. It excludes the obvious such as clothing and basic toiletries but includes some things you may not have thought of. Many items are for convenience and you may decide you don't need them.

Parent Programs also has their own list of recommendations here

Items in Italics are sustainable

Clothing-related items:


Snow boots



Bath Towels

Hand Towels - paper towels are not provided in the residence halls

Warm socks or slippers


Iron and Ironing board


Sturdy laundry basket and unscented detergent

Clothes drying rack


Soap case

Toothbrush case

Bath tote for carrying everything to the bathroom. Some of the bathrooms have cubbyholes for you to keep your essentials in, but not all of them.

Hand towel – not all of the bathrooms have paper towel dispensers

A bathrobe, because the bathroom’s down the hall.

Flip-Flops for use as shower shoes. Don’t forget there are 20 other people using the same shower.

A First Aid kit: aspirin, bandages, and antibiotic creams, Cold medicines, cough syrup, and cough drops (WesWell has their own recommendations on what to bring related to health and wellness here)


Desk Supplies (look for those with recycled content, if possible):



Envelopes and stamps


Stapler and staples (also available in the computer labs on campus)

Sticky notes


Duct tape and fun tack

Trash Can

Recycling bin

Power strip to power down all of your electronics when you’re asleep or in class (smart power strips do this automatically)


Items that make your room a home:
A rug can do a lot for your room

A dry-erase message board for your door

A bulletin board can help keep you get organized

Plants to give you some greenery and clean the air


Milk crates, for extra storage

Storage bins, and extra hooks (the stick-on or suction kind)


Reusable Plates, Cups, Bowls, Spoons, and Tupperware

A reusable mug for coffee (Cafes on campus give a discount  for using reusable mugs)

A reusable water bottle – Wesleyan is a bottled water-free campus

Sponge and dishwashing liquid


Other essentials

Don’t forget a phone. The University does not provide one

A desk and/or floor lamp (not a halogen lamp) with a CFL light bulb

A clip-on lamp for reading in bed with a CFL light bulb

Alarm clock (or set the alarm on your phone)

A bike for getting around campus quickly and sustainably

Reusable bags for grocery and bookstore shopping (Weshop charges $0.25 per plastic bag)

Tool kit (hammer, screwdriver, etc.)

Sewing kit



Non-essentials - consider leaving these things at home

A small fridge (Wesleyan only allows 2.9 cubic ft. energy star rated refrigerators in the residence halls such as those provided by The Refrigerator Company).

A small microwave (no more than 700 watts and can be rented as a part of a micro fridge provided by The Refrigerator Company) – most lounges have microwaves

Printer – there’s 24 hour printing in several campus locations, and you can print wirelessly from your own laptop in Usdan

TV – all lounges have TVs, so you’ll have a place to catch up on your favorite shows


Keep in mind that anything you forget you can probably buy, have shipped to you by your parents, or do without. Each person needs a different set of things to be happy, but hopefully this will get you well on your way to being prepared to come to Wesleyan.