Davenport Study Grants

In past years, Davenport Scholarships have been awarded to sophomores and juniors who have “demonstrated intellectual and moral excellence and a concern for public affairs” and “who by their personal qualities and vocational and scholarly intentions give greatest promise of leadership in the public service.” It is expected that most of the grants will be concentrated in the social science departments and the CSS, but applications will be accepted from majors in all areas of the University as long as the proposed projects are related to public affairs.


Anna Bisikalo       Investigating Women's Grassroots Activism in the Post-Soviet Sphere
Emma Broder Who’s Lying about Lyme?: Cultural, Scientific, and Biomedical Meanings of Lyme Disease
Abigail Cunniff Environmental Concerns in LA County Jail Expansion
Alyssa Domino Indonesian Drug Policy in Theory and in Practice
Rachel Earnhardt Rivers of Environmental Migrants: Consequences of Flood Displacement in the American South
Isabel Fine Exclusion, Inclusion, and the Politics and Power: An Analysis of Sorority Rush
Ian Foster Comparing Local Conceptions of Acadian Identity---Memory and History after Displacement
Rebecca Hutman Why Build the City Without Slums?: The Effects of International Governance and Urban Competitiveness on the Implementation of Morocco's Slum Eradication Program
Jacob Karlin The Current Argentine Jewish Experience After the Military Dictatorship of 1976-1983
Mira Klein Municipal Policy and Environmental Gentrification: Urban Green Space as a Political Tool
Drew Krinitsky A History of Freedom of Speech at Wesleyan University: Speech Codes, Chalking, and the Organization of Public Space
Haenah Kwon Exploring the Universality of Labor Rights
Courtney Laermer       The Influence of News Frames on Public Opinion of the Affordable Care Act
Caitlin O'Keeffe Confronting War Crimes
Sadie Renjilian The Role of Art in Social and Political Change: A Study of Feminist Art of the 20th Century in the United States
Elizabeth Shackney         Un centre-ville pour tous: Understanding Multiculturalism and Integration in Marseille
Jenna Shapiro The Facts of Life: U.S. Sex Education & The Cold War
Casey Smith Collective Memory of Palestinian Migration and the Future of Syrians in Jordan
Eva Steinberg A Transgenerational Approach to Southern Farmers and Their Seeds
Nathaniel Warner From the Parachurch's Ramparts: Faith-Based Initiatives and the Church-State Relationship
Shoko Yamada Self-Representation of Religion and "Religion" in Japanese Tourism Industry
Julia Yu Hong Kong Culture in Face of Increasing Political Influence from Mainland China