Past Recipents of the Davenport Study Grants Program



Alam Zain Dreams and Disappointment:  India's Muslims, the Muhajir, and the Making of Pakistan
Dahila Azran Memorials of the Holocaust:  A Comparative Study of the planning process of Holocaust Memorials in the United States, Israel, German and China.
Katya Botwinick The Universal Concrete Canvas:  A Sociological Look into the Street Art Movement in Buenos Aires and New York City.
Emma Caccamo Foreignness in American:  Internal Conditions, International Relations, and the Treatment of German, Italian, and Japanese Immigrants, 1935 - 1945.
Sarah Cassel The Proxy's Perceptions:  Former Solders' Understandings of U.S. Involvement in the Civil Wars in Nicaragua and EL Salvador.
Sarah Chrystler Issues of Identity in Female Piracy:  How Space and Material Culture Contribute to Transgression.
Aria Danaparamita British Borobudur Budddha:  Colonising Culture from19th Century Java to the Modern Museum.
Marjorie Dodson Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity in Yunnan, Southern China.
Catherine Doren Closing the Achievement Gap:  Identifying its Origins and the Sources of its Perpetuation.
Jacob Eichengreen Facilitating Sustainable Development:  Assessing the Impact of Microfinance Programs on Social Capital in Uganda.
Alexandra Ellerbeck Morales Mired:  Indigenous Opposition to Bolivia's First Indigenous President.
Alexandra  Galef Reconstructing the History of Mimouna:  An analysis of Jewish and Muslim shared identity and co-existence.
Maxwell Hellmann Roads Less Travelled:  Bringing Healthcare to the Rural Homeless.
Charlotte Heyrman Post-Industrial Imaginations:  Visions on Revitalization and Possibility in Detroit.
Stephanie Huezo Breaking the Silence:  Chile and El Salvador Commemorate Their Disappeared
Kim Ingerbritsen Schooling Everyone's Children:  Examining the IAF's Community Organizing Efforts in Education.
Leah Koenig The Reproductive Health NGO in India:  Addressing the GAP Between International Aid Institutions an their Target Populations.
Ka-Ya Lee Paulo Freire and Soren Kierkegaard on Education Lens to Explore The Theory-Praxis Dynamics.
Kathryn McConnell Conservation as Colonization?:  Exploring the Contested Histories of Glacier National Park.
Joseph O'Donnell The God Solution:  Spirituality as a Coping Mechanism and Healing Tool for Mental Illness and Addiction.
Agueda Ortega (Un) comfortable Intersections:  A Comparative Study of Queer Latin American Identities an the New Left in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.
Gain Swee Tay Teow Kiat:  Chinese Music, Chineseness, and SIngapore Society.
McNeil Taylor Examining the Theosophical Society:  A Methodology of the   Supernatural in the Secular Age.
Nandita Vijayaraghavan Eg'ao:  The Power of Parody in Protesting China's Internet Censorship.
Elizabeth Waugh Strangers in the Homeland: The Ethiopian-Israeli Search for Authenticity.
Elizabeth Williams Who is The Other America?:  A Study of the Political Identity and Efficacy of Americans in Appalachia.
Bingxin Wu Spillover Effects of FDI in China:  When BMW comes to Town.
Catherine Zhou Grade School in Two Cultures:  A Cross-Cultural Examination of Elementary Schools in the United States and China.