Past Recipents of the Davenport Study Grants Program




Maxwell Bigman Integrating Technology into the Classroom:  A Report on the Cognitive Tool For Education Reform.
Sarah Dash Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?  The Implementation of Fascist "Italianita" Through Cuisine.
Benjamin Docter The Democrats Of Education Reform.
Renee Dunn Who are the Job Creators?  The Implication of Educational Entrepreneurship Programs for Job Market and Societal Change in Kampala, Uganda.
Calvo Elhauge Spain in the League of Nations:  An Evaluation of Europe's First 'Intermediate Power'.
Allison Greenwald Bambolse as Commodity:  Understanding the Relative Social and Economic Motivations for Production of Wall Paintings in Sirigu, Ghana.
Ana Halsey The Politics of Social Protection:  The Political Origins of Universal Health Insurance in Indonesia.
Benjamin Jacobs When Lambs Drink Wolf's Milk:  Exploring Chinese National Identity Formation and Historical Narratives under Patriotic Education.
Mari Jarris Rescuing the Concept of Freedom:  The Frankfurt School's Critique of Idealist Philosophy from Kant to Sartre.
Hannah Korevaar West Side Story:  Race, Space, Religion and the Law in Salt Lake City.
Manon Lefevre The Invasive Landscape:  History, Ideologies, and Ecological Consequences of the New England Lawnscape.
Laura Munsil National Memory and Cinema:  The Spanish Civil War on Film.
Sophia Park The Emerging Luxury Market in China:  What Channel and Gucci Means to China Today and Tomorrow. 
Grace Powell US Drone Strikes and IR Theory.
Tianyu Xie Rain The Single Hope:  Youth Civic Engagements in the Age of Individualization in China.
Chloe Rinehart Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Multiethnic, "Plurinational" States:  The Case of Ecuador's Bono de Desarrollo Humano.
Madelene Smith-Huemer Gendered Revolutions:  The Role of Women within German Reunification.
Julian Theseira Lu Zhengxiang:  A Christian and Confucianist Chinese Diplomat and Modernizer.
Kelly Toy The First Ladyship - Unelected, Unpaid, Unforgetable:  A History of Women in America from Martha Washington to Michelle Obama.
Maxwell Votey Cossack Identity and Paramilitarism in Early Post- Soviet Russia.
Sabina Wahl Community Activism as Platform for Transformation:  A Historical Study of Muslim Women in a Durban Township.
Shannon Welch Jesus in the Wilderness:  Jesuit and Protestant Competition for Abenaki Souls in the Anglo-French Northeast.
Aileen Yeung Estonia:  An Experiment in Economic Freedom.

Academic Year 2011-2012


Alam Zain Dreams and Disappointment:  India's Muslims, the Muhajir, and the Making of Pakistan
Dahila Azran Memorials of the Holocaust:  A Comparative Study of the planning process of Holocaust Memorials in the United States, Israel, German and China.
Katya Botwinick The Universal Concrete Canvas:  A Sociological Look into the Street Art Movement in Buenos Aires and New York City.
Emma Caccamo Foreignness in American:  Internal Conditions, International Relations, and the Treatment of German, Italian, and Japanese Immigrants, 1935 - 1945.
Sarah Cassel The Proxy's Perceptions:  Former Solders' Understandings of U.S. Involvement in the Civil Wars in Nicaragua and EL Salvador.
Sarah Chrystler Issues of Identity in Female Piracy:  How Space and Material Culture Contribute to Transgression.
Aria Danaparamita British Borobudur Budddha:  Colonising Culture from19th Century Java to the Modern Museum.
Marjorie Dodson Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity in Yunnan, Southern China.
Catherine Doren Closing the Achievement Gap:  Identifying its Origins and the Sources of its Perpetuation.
Jacob Eichengreen Facilitating Sustainable Development:  Assessing the Impact of Microfinance Programs on Social Capital in Uganda.
Alexandra Ellerbeck Morales Mired:  Indigenous Opposition to Bolivia's First Indigenous President.
Alexandra  Galef Reconstructing the History of Mimouna:  An analysis of Jewish and Muslim shared identity and co-existence.
Maxwell Hellmann Roads Less Travelled:  Bringing Healthcare to the Rural Homeless.
Charlotte Heyrman Post-Industrial Imaginations:  Visions on Revitalization and Possibility in Detroit.
Stephanie Huezo Breaking the Silence:  Chile and El Salvador Commemorate Their Disappeared
Kim Ingerbritsen Schooling Everyone's Children:  Examining the IAF's Community Organizing Efforts in Education.
Leah Koenig The Reproductive Health NGO in India:  Addressing the GAP Between International Aid Institutions an their Target Populations.
Ka-Ya Lee Paulo Freire and Soren Kierkegaard on Education Lens to Explore The Theory-Praxis Dynamics.
Kathryn McConnell Conservation as Colonization?:  Exploring the Contested Histories of Glacier National Park.
Joseph O'Donnell The God Solution:  Spirituality as a Coping Mechanism and Healing Tool for Mental Illness and Addiction.
Agueda Ortega (Un) comfortable Intersections:  A Comparative Study of Queer Latin American Identities an the New Left in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo.
Gain Swee Tay Teow Kiat:  Chinese Music, Chineseness, and SIngapore Society.
McNeil Taylor Examining the Theosophical Society:  A Methodology of the   Supernatural in the Secular Age.
Nandita Vijayaraghavan Eg'ao:  The Power of Parody in Protesting China's Internet Censorship.
Elizabeth Waugh Strangers in the Homeland: The Ethiopian-Israeli Search for Authenticity.
Elizabeth Williams Who is The Other America?:  A Study of the Political Identity and Efficacy of Americans in Appalachia.
Bingxin Wu Spillover Effects of FDI in China:  When BMW comes to Town.
Catherine Zhou Grade School in Two Cultures:  A Cross-Cultural Examination of Elementary Schools in the United States and China.