From: Michael S. Roth []
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2016 9:46 AM
Subject: A New Academic Year

Dear friends,


Welcome to the 2016-2017 academic year! I know our faculty, staff and students are ready and eager to learn together, fulfilling the promise of a pragmatic liberal education.


This summer I spent a great deal of time thinking about how our successful ‘This is Why’ fundraising campaign puts us in a position to make targeted investments to support the academic core, enhance financial aid and make improvements to our facilities. I look forward to discussing these possibilities with our trustees and our campus community over the next months.


Following up on last semester’s Equity Task Force report, we are planning for the new Resource Center as we continue to diversify the curriculum, the faculty and the staff. Our efforts with respect to equity and inclusion have gained real momentum, and we’re going to build on that!


I probably don’t need to point out that we begin this semester as the electoral campaign in the United States moves into high gear. If you need information about how to register to vote, you can find ithere.


One of the hallmarks of a Wesleyan education is the frank and free exchange of ideas. I anticipate we will all encounter differences in perspectives and beliefs, in priorities and in styles. Vigorous debate enlivens and instructs, I am certain, and though we may differ on specific topics, we should find solidarity and friendship in belonging to our evolving Wesleyan community.


I hope to see you at the MASH this Friday – September 9th. The MASH showcases some of Wesleyan’s most popular student bands and musical groups (with a couple of us oldsters joining in). There will be different stages for performances, culminating in bands serenading an all-campus BBQ on Andrus Field Friday evening.


Students, returning and arriving, please watch out for each other! Take care of each other! I know you will derive inspiration from each other!


The 185th year at Wesleyan begins!


Michael S. Roth


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