From: Liliana Carrasquillo-Vasquez []
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2017 2:07 PM
To: all_studenton-l <>
Subject: Blizzard Preparedness: Important Info


Dear Students,

A blizzard warning is in effect from 12:00am tonight to 12:00am Wednesday night with expected snow accumulations of over 12 inches and dangerously high winds.  It is important to plan ahead in extreme weather conditions such as these.  If you are on campus, please read below for important tips to keep in mind as you prepare for tomorrow:

  •  High winds may result in power failure, so:
    • Stock up on foods that do not require the use of a stove or microwave to prepare (breads, nut spreads, fruits, crackers, etc.).  Weshop will be open today 12-6pm, but will be closed all day tomorrow.
    • Fully charge all cellphones and computers Monday night
    • Be sure you have flashlights and batteries available
    • Be sure to have warm clothes and spare blankets available to layer up and keep warm
    • Remember that candles, lanterns and other items that require an open flame are not permitted in residences.
  • Parking is often limited during snow emergencies:
    • To avoid being ticketed or towed, pay attention to parking bans and adhere to their guidelines.
  • There will be lots of snow and conditions may be slippery.  Shovels and ice melt were delivered earlier this year to every university residence. 
    • If you live in a residence hall, apartment, or large program house:
      • These were placed near one or more entrances to the building 
      • Feel free to use these to clear walking paths and entryways as the grounds crew will need to focus on the core of campus and administrative buildings. 
      • Be sure to return them to the same place when you are done so that others may use them.
    • If you live in a wood frame house or small program house:
      • These were placed on your porch or near an entryway
      • Please work with your housemates to clear snow from walkways, stairways and driveways around your unit as the grounds crew will need to focus on the core of campus, administrative buildings, and residence halls first.
      • If your shovel was taken or misplaced, Residential Life has a limited number of shovels that you can borrow.  Please stop by the central office (located in North College, lower level) before 5pm today to sign one out.
    • Remember that you are responsible for shoveling and cleaning of your vehicle.
      • Public Safety has a limited number of shovels available that can be signed out and borrowed in order to shovel out your car.
  • For heating issues and maintenance emergencies:
    • Call Physical Plant Customer Service at 860-685-3400 immediately. 
    • If they are closed or are not able to get to the phone, please call Public Safety at 860-685-2345. 
    • It is important that you speak to someone, not just leave a voicemail.
  •  Additional tips:
    • Move all items and furniture indoors to avoid them being blown away, hurting someone or damaging property due to high winds.
    • If power is lost and there is no heat, consider leaving the faucet dripping to reduce the risk of frozen pipes.
    • If you have a vehicle, it is a good idea to fill your gas tank today.
    • In the days that follow, do not construct any snow forts and/or tunnels near areas where plows will be clearing snow. The plow driver may not be aware that people are inside the snowbanks and it could lead to serious injury or worse.

Thanks for your consideration and assistance,
The Residential Life Staff