Homecoming/Family Weekend - November 4-6, 2011

Homecoming/Family Weekend celebrates some of the best and most enjoyable aspects of life at Wesleyan. It brings people together from across our extended community—including students and their families, faculty, and alumni—to enjoy an array of academic, cultural, and athletic events. Students’ families gain a sense of the undergraduate experience by sitting in on regularly scheduled classes, attending WESeminars, and by meeting faculty and administrators in both academic and social settings. Alumni reconnect with Wesleyan and with each other at a host of special seminars and social gatherings. And we can all celebrate as Wesleyan athletic teams compete in a variety of events all around campus.

You'll love attending one or more WESeminars held during the three-day event. These seminars feature faculty, staff, alumni, parents and students...recent year topics include Stories and Lessons from the Climate Wars, presented by Nobel Prize winning Wesleyan professor Gary Yohe; and Lessons from Guantanamo Bay, a discussion about the high security prison at the U. S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay.

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