Local Events & Networking

Many parents who live a distance from Middletown feel they do not have a place as a volunteer. However, we'd like to suggest a number of opportunities, some of which are not traditional volunteer roles. Remember that anytime you speak positively about Wesleyan to friends, business associates or even the person sitting next to you on an airplane flight, you are fulfilling a vital role as an ambassador for Wesleyan! Some opportunities for volunteering in your hometown might include:
  • Host or attend a dinner or reception for other local Wesleyan parents.
  • Host or attend a summer send-off party in late summer for students heading to Wesleyan.
  • Host or attend a gathering for prospective students and their parents for the Office of Admission.
  • Work with alumni clubs in your area to help plan or attend a local networking event.
  • Participate in a Parent-to-Parent Outreach program to connect with other parents.
  • Be an ambassador! Tell someone about your student's experiences at Wesleyan.

If you are interested in being involved, need more information or have a question, please contact the Office of Parent Program via e-mail or phone (860) 685-3756.