The Unofficial Packing List


  • A pillow

  • Extra- long twin sheets (it's probably a good idea to pack 2 sets in case of a spill, it's really inconvenient to have to wash a set of sheets before going to bed)

  • A heavy comforter it can get cold and roommates (especially the ones who live significantly north of the equator) are not always willing to crank the heat

  • A fleece type blanket (for use in the fall and spring...having to chose between sweating under a heavy blanket and freezing under a light sheet is not fun)


  • Be sure to pack clothing for ALL TYPES of weather during the school year, it can get as high as the 90's or as low as subzero. BRING A HEAVY JACKET (down jackets are great winterwear), as well as boots, gloves and a hat. Also, a rain jacket and umbrella are essentials.

  • The trick to dressing for Connecticut weather is LAYERS LAYERS LAYERS.

  • It's always possible to take off or add a layer depending on how the temperature. Just remember, "It's better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it."

  • If there's going to be any exercise during the year, make sure to pack workout clothes (enough so that it's not necessary to do laundry daily in order to work out in a nonsmelly pair of mesh shorts).

  • Hand and bath towels, shower sandals, and a bathrobe as well.

  • For laundry, definitely pack detergent and dryer sheets, as well as a laundry basket or bag (baskets tend to be more popular, as the straps on the bags often rip under the load of 2 weeks dirty laundry).

  • Also, it's usually a good idea to pack plenty of hangers.

  • Don't forget sunglasses. They look cool, and they're practical. It's a no-brainer.


There's the obvious...

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, soap, shaving cream, razor, contact lens case, contact solution, comb/brush, blow dryer, hair gel/spray,

... and the often forgotten

  • Toothbrush case, soap case, extra razor blades, cotton swabs, nail clippers, bandaids, Kleenex, and a bath tote not all dorms have available bathroom cubbies, and a tote is a nice way to keep stuff together.

It's also generally a good idea to pack

  • medicine, for headaches, allergies, or just a case of the ‘sniffles'.

  • SUNSCREEN... this needs no explanation. Remember, 'lobsterbacks' was a derogatory term.

  • And again, do NOT forget shower sandals. 

Desk Stuff/School Supplies

  • Computer or Laptop (this should be obvious)

  • Computer or Laptop lock

  • Printer (it really is worth it. Sure, it's always a possibility to borrow the roommate's, but in the following years, it really stinks to have to run to the library or computer lab to print, especially at 4 in the morning)

  • Pens/pencils, paper for taking notes, a folder for handouts

Often forgotten, but always needed...

  • Scissors, tape, stapler (this is a big one for students who will be writing a lot of papers), ruler, paper clips, printer paper, ink cartridges, envelopes and stamps, calendar, sticky notes (no desk is complete without them)

It's a very good idea to purchase something to backup computer files, such as a portable USB storage device. All too often, hard drives will crash, and data from the computer may not be salvageable. MAKE SURE TO BACKUP FILES FREQUENTLY.

Room Stuff

  • Lamps... These can be very handy, especially for students living with a roommate. A desk lamp allows for allnighters without disturbing the roommate. The same goes for bedside lamps (though reading in bed is very often an unsuccessful endeavor). Note: halogen lamps are not allowed.

  • Rug... few things are more discouraging than waking up early and putting your feet on a freezing cold floor. Aside from making the room look nicer, a rug is a must-have when the weather gets colder.

    For those with rugs, consider purchasing a small vacuum to keep the room clean. For those without, a broom and dustpan may come in handy (though sometimes it's possible to snag those from the janitor's closet just make sure to return them).

  • White board... these come in very handy, for both the owner and the visitor. Just make sure to bring markers (one is usually not enough they dry out fast, especially if hall mates forgot to bring their own).

  • Fridge/microwave... for those who get late night cravings, or just like having food accessible during nondining hours, these are valuable commodities. The fridge should not exceed 2.9 cubic feet and the maxiumum wattage for microwaves is 700 watts (both should be energy star rated).

  • A fan... a must have for the warm weather, especially for those living on a higher floor. Also, the white noise helps to drown out the sounds of the late nighters.

  • Stereo or iPod dock... sometimes the laptop speakers don't quite cut it. Just be sure to bring headphones.

  • A trash can... these aren't provided for each individual room, and it's really inconvenient to have to walk to the end of the hall every time you need to throw something out. A small wastebasket is a must have.

Other miscellaneous, but really important, stuff

  • A bike... for some, this is the preferred mode of transportation. Just be sure to remember to bring a lock...the folks in Public Safety highly recommend a horseshoe bar style bike lock.

  • Proper ID and documentation...on Arrival Day, everyone must fill out an I-9 form. Please visit, for a listing of acceptable documentation.  Even if students do not plan to work on campus, they still must fill out the I-9.