Recent Correspondence Spring 2012

It happens to all of us. That important letter or the informative email from the University has disappeared from the mailbox, inbox, or the dining room table. No problem! Now you can simply check this page to retrieve this year's correspondence, both mail and electronic, between Wesleyan and parents.

ParentLine, an email sent to parents each month, provides timely updates, reminders, and campus news.

January/February ParentLine, January 31

April ParentLine, April 20

Select Correspondence Sent to Parents
Reunion & Commencment Snail Mailing, sent to parents of graduating seniors in mid-January

Housing and General Room Selection (GRS), April 16

Select Correspondence Sent to Students
Campus Climate Log, January 20

Norovirus Advisory, January 31

Spring Break Shuttle Information, February 23

Spring Closing and Summer Housing, March 1

Sent to Selected Butterfield Residents, March 27

Community Discussion on High-Risk Drinking, March 28

Caps and Gowns Now Available at Broad Street Books, April 4

Summer Housing, April 26

Housing Preference Form, April 26

Important: Closing Information for May 19, 2012

Select Correspondence Sent to the On-campus community

Commencement Speaker and Honorary Degree Announcement, February 23