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Subject: Healing Forward: Self-Care for Survivors of Sexual Assault Support Group begins Monday, February 10th



Healing Forward: Self-Care for Survivors Support Group



A new 9 week psycho-educational support group designed to

help survivors* of sexual assault build sustainable self-care practices.

Week 1: Why Self-Care Matters

Week 2: Self-Compassion

Week 3: Sleep Hygiene

Week 4: Mindfulness and Meditation

Week 5: Mindful Eating

Week 6: Creativity and Play

Week 7: Building Harmonious Relationships thru Mindful Communication

Week 8: Playing with Movement

Week 9: Sustainable Self-Care

Sessions will include art, movement and other activities to assist in the exploration of topics.

Mondays beginning February 10th –April 21st from 5:30PM-7PM.

Contact Alysha B. Warren, LPC, Therapist/Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator,

with questions.

Sign up by Thursday, February 6th.

Reference “Monday Support Group” in the subject line to sign up.

*The group is open to female identified survivors.


Alysha B. Warren, LPC

Therapist/Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator

Counseling and Psychological Services

Davison Health Center

Wesleyan University

327 High Street

Middletown, CT  06459

Phone: 860-685-2910