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Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 11:51 AM
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Cc: Myers-Brown, Michelle
Subject: FW: Meal plan selection email


Greetings - we hope you are enjoying your summer!  It's time to start thinking about the meal plan option that you would like to select for the upcoming academic year. As always, Bon Appétit will be expanding upon its offerings to better serve the needs of the students; they continue to increase their satisfaction rating each year on campus.


When selecting your meal plan be sure to pick the plan that you really think will meet your needs.  Pay attention to the number of meals each plan averages per week and, based on your usual eating habits, pick the one you think meets your style.  Unused meals do not roll over to the next semester so you want to use meals before points whenever possible – you can always add points on but unused meals are lost so make sure you pick the plan that will allow you to get the most out of your dining experience. Additionally, each block meal plan includes seven meals which can be used for a guest meal. This is automatically built into each block plan but if you choose not to use them as guest meals you may use them as a regular meal over the course of the semester.


Freshman will be able to go to their portfolios and choose from one of the four main block plans.


Sophomores will be able to go to their portfolio and choose from one of four block plans or a fifth plan(Block 105/$745 points per semester) that is only available to sophomores, juniors and seniors.


The other plan is an All Declining Balance Plan which is only available to juniors and seniors. Meal plan costs are included in the Residential Comprehensive Fee except for the additional cost of the Block 285 meal plan.


Here is a summary of the meal plan information for 2012-2013:

Block 135 MEALS/$523 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 9 meals per week)

Block 165 MEALS/$302 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 11 meals per week)

Block 210 MEALS/$110POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 14 meals per week)

*Block 285 MEALS/$55 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 19 meals per week)

*Additional cost of $300 per semester


The following plan is only available to sophomores, juniors or seniors:

Block 105 MEALS/$745 POINTS PER SEMESTER (averages 7 meals per week)


The following plan is only available to juniors and seniors:



Please make your meal plan selection in your electronic portfolio by August 1. If that deadline is missed your plan may default to one that you would not normally have selected.


Have a safe and enjoyable summer!


Michelle Myers-Brown

Director, Usdan University Center


Michael Strumpf

Manager, Bon Appétit