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September 1, 2013


As the semester gets underway, I wanted to remind you that the student handbook and many university policies can be found online at: 


As a reminder, last year was the first year that we used the point system which was intended to more clearly outline the potential consequences of violating the Code of Non-Academic Conduct.  The student judicial board members and the WSA  If you are found responsible for violating the Code, you will receive a number of points determined through the judicial process.  Your points will stay with you for at least one semester but could decrease if you have no other violations. 


In addition to the code of non-academic conduct and the honor code, the online handbook includes the university's alcohol and other drug policy, the sexual misconduct and assault policy and several other departmental and university wide policies:

In response to recommendations made in 2010 by Sexual Violence Task Force consisting of staff, faculty and parents appointed by President Roth, members of student affairs staff worked with students and others to implement the changes that were recommended.   This past summer that work continued as additional changes to our sexual misconduct and assault policy were made to bring greater clarity to issues of intimate partner violence and consent among other things.  After consulting again with leadership of the WSA, those policy changes were approved by President Roth and the entire policy can be found here:

In addition, Alysha Warren continues to serve as the Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator in the Counseling Center, and, in that capacity, serves as the point person for Wesleyan's sexual violence prevention efforts.  Alysha and all of the therapists in the Counseling Center at the Davison Health Center serve as confidential resources for any student dealing with a personal issue or just needing someone to confide in.  For a summary of what to do in the event of an assault please go here:  If you have any questions about any of the policies in the handbook, please feel free to email or stop by my office on the first floor of North College.

I wish you all a successful fall semester!




Dean Culliton



Rick Culliton

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/

Dean of Students

North College, Room 108

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