From: Michael S. Roth []
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2013 1:23 PM
Subject: Ideas for Wesleyan


Dear Students,


None of you were here (I trust!) when soon after I arrived as president, I asked members of the Wesleyan community for ideas for projects or changes that they would like to see or implement themselves that would improve the university. Despite extraordinarily difficult economic circumstances, we took a number of those ideas and made them happen. We are still working in constrained economic conditions, but we're in much better shape, and I'd like to encourage us all to once again think innovatively, ambitiously about the future. There's a lot of talk (for good reason) about online opportunities for learning, but one advantage of this virtual perspective is that it throws what's so important about the residential experience into sharp relief.


While good ideas are always welcome, what we're looking for in particular are proposals (1-2 pages) that have the potential to significantly improve the distinctive educational experience by leveraging its residential dimensions. What kinds of programs should we strengthen or create to offer deeper opportunities for learning of all sorts? Academic surely (naturally I've already asked the faculty for those), but also extracurricular opportunities. And again, we ask you to focus on innovative improvements bearing on the residential aspects of the Wesleyan experience.


Proposals may be submitted to by November 1. The office of Student Affairs will convene a small group, including WSA leaders, to examine the proposals and choose a short list of contenders. At that point we will request more detailed proposals.


Thank you in advance for thinking about how to make a superb educational experience even better.


Michael S. Roth