From: Michael S. Roth and Michael Whaley []
Sent: Monday, August 03, 2015 1:52 PM
To: Coffin, Dana <>
Subject: Psi Upsilon Residence to be Closed to All Students


To the Wesleyan Community:


We have been informed by State and Federal prosecutors that they are actively investigating illegal drug activity at Psi Upsilon that allegedly involves members of the organization.  Specifically, we have received written notice that on several occasions some members have organized group purchases of narcotics.  Police monitored and interrupted one of these transactions in May, and the police investigation into this activity is ongoing.  In addition to violating Wesleyan’s policies prohibiting illegal drugs, these allegations represent important health and safety concerns for the campus.  The organization was already on probation as a result of serious violations of university policy that occurred in prior years. Consequently, Psi U’s program housing status has been suspended for at least the 2015-16 academic year.  Wesleyan students will not be able to live in the house, and the property will be off limits to Wesleyan students.  Any student found at the property will be subject to judicial action by the University.


This turn of events is deeply disappointing for so many of us.  It is certainly a blow to alumni and students who care for Psi U, and that includes the new women members who had planned to live there this fall.  We will reconsider Psi U’s status after the relevant investigations conclude. The investigations may also result in other disciplinary consequences for those involved.


Wesleyan is committed to addressing illegal drug use and has established a task force to identify best practices in this regard. This task force will report back to the campus community this academic year.



Michael S. Roth



Michael Whaley

Vice President for Student Affairs