From: Michael S. Roth []
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2015 11:41 AM
Subject: Campus Update


Dear friends,


As many of you have heard, ten Wesleyan students and two visitors received medical treatment yesterday for complications arising from the use of a version of the drug Molly, a refined and more powerful form of Ecstasy (MDMA). The effects are extremely dangerous, and as of now, four students are in Middlesex Hospital in Middletown (we expect them to be released today) and four others are being cared for at Hartford Hospital.


I ask all students: Please, please stay away from illegal substances the use of which can put you in extreme danger. One mistake can change your life forever. If you have friends who are thinking about trying these kinds of drugs, remind them of the dangers. If you are aware of people distributing these substances, please let someone know before more people are hurt. You can make a confidential report at (860 685-2345). These drugs can be altered in ways that make them all the more toxic. Take a stand to protect your fellow students.


Resident Advisors, Counseling and Psychological Services (x2910) and class deans have all been reaching out to students but may not have been in touch with everyone. If you know of anyone who may need their support, please let them know.


And please keep those still hospitalized in your hearts and minds. Please join me in supporting their recovery with your prayers, thoughts, and friendship.


Take care of yourselves. And let’s take care of each other.


Michael S. Roth