Fall Call

This volunteer program provides an opportunity for  parents of upperclass students to reach out to parents of new students. Experienced parents provide a warm welcome and establish a connection to the Wesleyan community.

  • Experience: must be a veteran parent of a Wesleyan student
  • Expertise: none; just a willingness to chat with new parents about whatever topics come up
  • Commitment: 1-2 hours, depending upon the depth of your conversations
  • Goal: to contact every new Wesleyan family
  • Timeframe: October-December

How it works:

  • Assignments are made, based on geographic proximity when possible.
  • You receive a resource cheat sheet and contact information on 3-5 households, and make the outreach.
  • You return your contact sheet, with any appropriate comments.
  • Lots of new parents feel welcome.
  • Sign up to be a fall call volunteer here!

Still have questions? Call the Office of Parent Programs at (860) 685-3756 or e-mail