Making Excellence Inclusive


Summer 2010

Cabinet retreat on Making Excellence Inclusive

Complete research of campus resources

Pilot MEI sessions with Human Resources, Upward Bound, and Office of Diversity and Institutional Partnerships

Fall 2010

Develop communication plan and web site

Constitute Presidential Task Force

Introduce MEI to various campus constituencies 

Begin Board of Trustees MEI Working Group

Develop Affirmative Action Plan 2010

Begin departmental meetings

Spring 2011

Continue departmental meetings

Board of Trustees MEI Working Group Recommendations

Develop Affirmative Action Plan 2011

Begin Equity Scorecard

Communicate progress to date via website

Summer 2011

Continue departmental meetings

Develop trainings and workshops based on need and identified departmental goals

Fall 2011

Continue departmental meetings

Begin training and workshops based on departmental goals

Spring 2012

Continue departmental meetings

Continue training and workshops

Develop Affirmative Action Plan 2012

Complete Equity Scorecard

Summer 2012

Release preliminary findings from MEI departmental meetings

Identify best practices and areas of concerns

Make recommendations to the President