Seed Grant Application

Applications Due: Sunday, January 24, by 11:59 p.m.

Please fill in the form below and upload one PDF document that includes:

  • Name, class, major, and email address for each team member
  • Photo(s) of team members (individually or in a group)
  • Resume for each team member
  • Project/venture logo (optional)
  • Answers to these questions (no more than 600 words total)
    • Describe your project/venture and its general business plan (i.e. how it will function/operate). Describe and quantify its anticipated impact.
    • Explain the social problem that your venture will address. Include data to explain the scope and severity.
    • Who is on your team? What are your strengths and qualifications that prepare you for success?
    • Are there other organizations tackling the same problem? How is their approach different from yours?
    • How has your project been shaped by your Wesleyan experience? (Don’t be generic. Be specific.)
    • If you receive a PCSE Seed Grant, how do you plan to spend the $5,000? (You can explain in a narrative or list an approximate itemized budget.)

Please use your Project/Venture name as the file name for this PDF.