NECUSE NES-APS/AAPT Demonstration Show April 8th, 1994

These are QuickTime clips of a Demonstration show held at Harvard University in conjunction with the NECUSE Conference as well as a NES-APS/AAPT meeting.

Unlike the three previous NECUSE demonstration conferences this one was to be an evening of entertainment not limited to what's new.

The original VHS video tape that Harvard shared with the other NECUSE participants was digitized to a  to Quicktime by Allynn Wilkinson, Digitization Specialist at Wesleyan University and posted with the permission of Wolfgang Rueckner of Harvard.

Enjoy and learn.

Introduction By Wolfgang Rueckner (Harvard University) Big Small
Conservation of Charge, WR Big Small
Paper Cup Loudspeaker, Peter Heller (Brandeis University) Big Small
Current in an Electrochemical Cell, PH Big Small
Flux-Gate Magnetometer, PH Big Small
DC Circuits, David Tavilla (Harvard University) Big Small
A puzzling circuit, DT Big Small
Flame Tubes, Douglass Goodale (Harvard University) Daniel Rosenberg (Harvard University) Big Small
Resonant Wave Tube, DT Big Small
Standing Wave in Metal Rod, WR Big Small
Electromechanical Chladni Plate, WR Big Small
Wine Glass Resonance, WR Big Small
Broomstick on Wineglasses, DT Big Small
Karate Blow, DT Big Small
Rotating Saddle, WR Big Small
Bubble and Bean Buoyancy, WR Big Small
55 Gallon Drum, DR Big Small
Smog in a Bottle, DR Big Small
Cabbage and other Indicators, DR Big Small
Acid Rain, DR Big Small
Supercooling of Water, Part 1, DR Big Small
Reversible Mixing, WR Big Small
Supercooling of Water, Part 2, DR Big Small
Bucket of Light, DR Big Small
Schlieren Optics, WR Big Small
Edge Diffraction, Laser, DG and WR Big Small
Sodium Absorption Spectrum, DT Big Small
Street Lamp Spectrum, WR Big Small
Soap Film Interference, DT Big Small
Poission's Spot, Interference, DG and WR Big Small
Ending Remarks, WR Big Small
Laser Light Show, DG and WR Big Small