Martha Gilmore
Associate Professor
Exley 429
Tel: 860 685 3129 Fax: 860 685 3651
Amanda Thompson
Graduate Student - Mars geomorphology
Exley 423
Tel: 860 685 4477 Fax: 860 685 3651

Former Group Members

Origin and composition of the light-toned layered deposits in Iani Chaos, Mars
Tanya Harrison, M.A., 2008 (now at Malin Space Science Systems)

Temperature analysis of gullied slopes on Mars: Evidence for a thermal control on gully formation
Ann Ollila, M.A., 2007 (now at UNM)

Mapping and structural analysis of SW Tellus Regio, Venus
Beck Straley, B.A. (with High Honors), 2007 (now in the environmental sector)

Geometry of martian hillside gullies in the northern hemisphere: evidence for an insolation-driven mechanism of formation
Nina Lanza, M.A., 2006 (now at UNM)

Jarosite formation at Sulfur Springs, St. Lucia, WI, as a Mars Analogue
Maya Gomes, B.A. (with Honors), 2006 (now at Northwestern)

Gabe Knight '06 worked on Mars gullies

Foliar accumulation of mercury and its effects on the reflectance spectra of vegetation in Connecticut
Sarah Dunagan, M.A., 2005 (now in public health sector)

Autonomous mineral detectors for future Mars exploration missions
Matthew Merrill, M.A., 2005 (now at USGS)

Naomi Goldenson '05 worked on Mars gullies (now at ASU)

Assessing soil loss and its impact on agrarian livelihoods: A case study of the village of Kambi ya Simba, Tanzania
Carl Cervone, B.A. (with Honors), 2004 (now practicing microfinance in Tanzania)

Estimating the coverage of P. australis in the wetland regions of the Connecticut River using remotely sensed data
Cheney Shreve, M.A., 2003 (now at UCLA)

Use of ocean color remote sensing in the study of primary productivity and anoxia in Long Island Sound
Taras Gapotchenko, M.A., 2002

Eleyne Phillips '02 worked on Mars gullies (now at UCSC)

Avi Stopper '01 worked on Mars gullies

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