Pre College Academy

Housing and Dining

July 2014 Session (June 30 - July 30, 2014)

Housing: Pre-College students who choose to live on campus will reside at 200 Church Street, right in the heart of the Wesleyan campus. Built in 1927, 200 Church has several large, open lounge areas on the first floor, and lots of charm. Amenities include laundry facilities, a kitchen, and a pool table. The building is a short walk from most classes as well as the campus center and dining hall. 200 Church

Meals: Students will enjoy a a combination of dining at the University's Usdan Marketplace and meals as part of evening and weekend activities.  Special meal requests cannot be accommodated, so students with dietary restrictions must be aware and responsible for their own meal choices and mindful of any allergies.

Residential Advisors: The Residential Advisors (RAs), will be current Wesleyan undergraduates who have completed at least one to two years at Wesleyan. The RAs will live in the dorm and will organize various activities for the students.

Faculty Mentor Program: Pre-College students will, as a cohort, meet regularly with faculty mentors outside of the classroom, attending events, sharing meals, and participating in discussions about the collegiate experience. Mentor relationships build a stronger learning base than classroom teaching alone can achieve. Students will strengthen their friendships within the cohort as they gain invaluable insight into what college holds in store for them, as well as the strategies they will need to succeed.

Activities: Weekend and evening activities may include trips to places like Six Flags, New York, and the beach, as well as local activities such as bowling, wii tournaments, and movie nights.

Move In and Move Out: Students will move in to the dorm on Sunday, June 29, 2014, and will move out on Thursday, July 31, 2014. Orientation will take place immediately after move in on June 29.

Residential Comprehensive Fee: The Residential Comprehensive Fee for 2014 is $2,949. This fee includes room, full board, RA support, and all weekend and evening activities.

Living on campus is optional.  Residential students must be enrolled in two courses.

June 2014 Session (May 28 - June 26, 2014)

On-campus housing for pre-college students will not be available during the June session, so students who wish to enroll in June courses will need to reside within a commuting distance from campus. Buffet lunches will be available for a fixed price Monday through Friday at the Usdan Campus Center.