Pre College Academy

Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus FAQs


What is the deadline for applying to Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus?
We will begin accepting applications in December 2013. Applications will continue to be accepted through the beginning of each session (May 28 and June 30, respectively), or until courses have filled. Some courses fill very quickly – it is important that you send your application as soon as you are able to confirm your participation.

How much is tuition for PreCollege On-Campus?
Tuition for Summer 2014 On-Campus courses is $2,900 per course. Admitted students must pay outstanding tuition and/or housing balances by April 26, 2014. Students whose application is received after April 26, 2014 must submit payment in full with the application.

Is financial aid available for Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus?
Unfortunately, Wesleyan is not able to offer financial aid to PreCollege students.

How much is the residential comprehensive fee for Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus?
The residential comprehensive fee for 2014 is $2,949. The fee includes room, full board, RA support, the faculty mentoring program and all weekend and evening activities.

How do I pay tuition and the residential fee? Where do I send it?
Please send all payments to: Wesleyan PreCollege Study, 74 Wyllys Avenue, Middletown, CT 06459. Checks can be made out to Wesleyan University.

Do I need spending money?
All meals and planned activities are covered in the residential fee. Students will need money to buy books and other classroom materials, and may also wish to have money for personal expenditures (a Wesleyan sweatshirt, a meal or movie with friends downtown, etc.).

Will there be personal interviews?
Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a PreCollege Admissions Representative, but there is no formal interview process. Depending upon the information included in your application, we may wish to meet with you either in person or via Skype before admission to the program. Call 860-685-2005 if you would like to speak with a representative.

I don’t have any test scores yet, will you still consider my application?
We will consider all applications. If you do not have standardized test results to share, more weight will be placed on your GPA, personal statement and recommendations. We encourage you to submit your application without scores, and send us your scores at a later time, rather than delay your application.

May I apply to Session I and Session II?
Yes, you may apply to take courses in both sessions. However, please note that On-Campus housing for PreCollege students will not be available during Session I, and that PreCollege students living On-Campus in Session II must be enrolled in two courses at that time (or one course and a lab).

Is there any preference shown to residential or commuter students?
Applying for residential or commuter status has no effect on the admissions decision.

Is there an orientation? If so, when?
Orientation for the 2014 Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus cohort will take place after move-in has been completed on June 29, 2014.

Will faculty members mentor Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus students?
Residential PreCollege On-Campus students will, as a cohort, meet regularly with faculty members outside of the classroom, attend events, share meals, and participate in discussions about the collegiate experience. Mentor relationships build a stronger learning base than classroom teaching alone can achieve. Students will strengthen their friendships with the cohort as they gain invaluable insight into what college holds in store for them, as well as the strategies they will need to succeed.

How difficult are PreCollege On-Campus courses?
These are college courses; your fellow students will be primarily Wesleyan University undergraduates. PreCollege students will not be treated any differently, and should expect to work very hard to make the most out of their experience. The degree of difficulty varies per class. The number preceding the course title (i.e., BIOL 181 or GOVT 344) will indicate what level the course is, with 100-level courses being considered introductory level, and progressively higher-numbered courses being more specific and focused, aimed at upper-classmen. PreCollege students are invited to participate in any listed course, upon successful admission to the program.

How much homework will I be assigned?
The amount of homework varies from one class to another; it is safe to assume that a minimum of 90 minutes of homework daily, per class, will be assigned. For some classes, the amount of daily homework may be several hours worth, with significant research taking place on the weekends.

At the end of Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus courses, will teacher recommendations be provided?
Wesleyan faculty who feel that a particular student has exceeded expectations may be willing to provide a general or specific letter of recommendation. The grade you earn in a course will be the greatest indicator of your success in your future applications.

Will participating in Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus help me get into Wesleyan University?
Your decision to participate in Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus should be based on your desire to engage in a rigorous intellectual atmosphere, to place yourself in the mind-set of what college life will entail, and to push yourself to succeed academically. Like any additional academic activity, though, participation in this program can help you to present yourself as an interesting candidate during the college application process at Wesleyan and elsewhere.

If I take a Summer Session course before my freshman year at Wesleyan, will it count?
If you successfully complete a Summer Session course before your arrival and then come to Wesleyan as an undergraduate, the course will appear on your Wesleyan transcript, the credit will count toward graduation and the grade will be factored into your GPA. However, it may not satisfy a major requirement, depending on the major you ultimately choose. Keep in mind: Wesleyan will only count two pre-matriculating credits toward the thirty-two for graduation. Wesleyan's official policy states: While a maximum of two credits earned before matriculation by entering first-year students may count toward the Wesleyan degree, all such credits that have been duly approved by Wesleyan departments will be listed on the student's transcript. This applies to Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (BI), and Advance-Level exams, as well as any college-level courses taken with college students and taught by a college teacher on a college campus.

Are there accommodations for disabled students?
Wesleyan University provides a full range of services and accommodations to assist disabled students. Please contact Laura Patey, Associate Dean for Student Academic resources at 860-685-2332 (fax # 860-685-4480).

Do students have access to campus facilities?
PreCollege students taking summer courses On-Campus have access to Wesleyan’s classrooms, laboratories, On-Campus cafes, libraries, computer labs, fitness center, and student activities center. Students have library borrowing privileges. Residential students have access to the dining hall and the dormitories.

Will I have access to a computer? Should I bring a laptop? Is the campus wireless?Students will have access to the computer clusters and laboratories throughout the campus, but will find it very convenient to have their own laptops with them (in many classes, professors permit students to bring them in and use them to take notes during class). Most of the campus, including dormitories, is. Each dorm room is also equipped with an Ethernet jack to connect to the internet (students will need to bring or purchase their own Ethernet cords).

Is On-Campus residency mandatory?There is no On-Campus housing for the Session I, and housing is optional for Session II. PreCollege students who do choose to live On-Campus will reside at 200 Church Street. Residential students must be enrolled in 2 courses. Non-residential students may enroll in 1 or 2 courses, and will not be charged a residential fee. Students who elect not to live On-Campus may not participate in residential activities, meals or the faculty mentoring program as the costs of these program elements are covered by the residential fee.

What recreational activities are available?
All students have access to public performances and campus activities, most of which are posted on the Wesleyan University calendar. Weekend and evening activities for residential students may include trips to places like Six Flags, New York, and the beach, as well as local activities such as bowling, Wii tournaments, and movie nights.

What are the housing options?

PreCollege students who choose to live On-Campus will reside at 200 Church Street, right in the heart of the Wesleyan campus. Built in 1927, 200 Church has several large, open lounge areas on the first floor, and lots of charm. Amenities include laundry facilities, a kitchen, and a pool table. The building is close to most classrooms, as well as the campus center and dining hall.

What are the check-in and check-out dates?
Students will move into the dorm the Sunday before classes begin (June 29, 2014), and will move out the day after the last day of the session (July 31, 2014).

May I check into the dormitory before the check-in dates or check-out after the check-out dates?
No. On-Campus housing for PreCollege students is not available during the June session. Students who wish to enroll in the June  session will need to reside within a commuting distance from campus. Students in the July session who choose to live On-Campus must move in and out on the appointed dates, during the appointed times.

What are the room occupancies?
Residents will be living in 200 Church, which consists of mostly double-occupancy rooms. Men and women will not be assigned to a double together, however the building is co-ed.

What is the meal plan?
All residential students will enjoy a full meal plan with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Monday through Friday, and brunch and dinner on weekends. Off-campus students may also choose to participate in meal plans. The university aims to provide vegetarian options at all meals.

Where will meals be provided?
All meals will be provided in Usdan Marketplace, located on the second floor of the Usdan University center (except certain meals during weekend excursions which will be provided on the excursion).

How much do books and course materials cost?
Prices of books and materials will vary from course to course.

Is there an ATM On-Campus?
Yes, there is a Bank of America ATM machine located in Usdan University Center and a Seasons Federal Credit Union ATM located in Exley Science Center.