Pre College Academy

2014 Courses On Campus

Full course descriptions are available on WesMaps.

Residential Option Courses: June 30-July30

The following courses are part of the Wesleyan PreCollege On-Campus program. PreCollege students may choose the residential option for these courses, living on campus in addition to taking class.

ARCP 373/ANTH 373/AFAM 327/AMST 258 Field Methods in Archaeology: Beman Triangle Excavation, Sarah Croucher

ARST 480/FILM 441 Video Art, Janne Holtermann

BIOL 182/MB&B 182 Principles of Biology II, Kate McDonald

BIOL 192/MB&B 192 Principles of Biology II Lab, Rosemarie Doris

CHEM 125 Chemistry and Society, Suara Adediran    

E&ES 322 Introduction to GIS, Kim Diver

ENGL 288 Poets, Radicals, and Reactionaries: Romantic Poetry in Conversation, Stephanie Weiner

GOVT 155 International Politics, Giulio Gallarotti

MATH 121 Calculus I, Part I, Leah Karker

PreCollege students may also choose to apply to take the following courses, but there is no residential option during the June session. The following courses are schedule to run from May 28-June 26

ARST 131 Drawing I, Juliana Romano       

AMST 225 Latinidad: The Worlds of Latina/o Studies, Laura Grappo   

BIOL 181/MB&B 181 Principles of Biology I, Rosemarie Doris

BIOL 191/MB&B 191 Principles of Biology I Lab, Rosemarie Doris    

BIOL 254/NS&B 254 Comparative Animal Behavior, John Kirn

COMP 112 Introduction to Programming, James Lipton

ENGL 290 Place, Character and Design: Techniques in Writing Nonfiction and Fiction, Anne Greene          

GOVT 387 Foreign Policy at the Movies, Douglas Foyle   

HIST 318/COL 218 Post-Modern Theory with Historical Intent, Ethan Kleinberg

PSYC 228/NS&B 228 Clinical Neuropsychology, Matthew Kurtz

PSYC 258 Positive Psychology, Mariah Schug

QAC 201/SOC 257/GOVT 201/PSYC 280/NS&B 280 Applied Data Analysis, Jennifer Rose