Pre College Academy

Wesleyan PreCollege Online - FAQs

The following frequently asked questions are not exhaustive. Please feel free to contact us at or 860-685-2005 any time with inquiries.

How much do Wesleyan PreCollege Online courses cost?
Current tuition for each PreCollege Online course is $1450.

How much do books and course materials cost?
The costs of books and materials vary from class to class.

Do you offer financial aid?
Unfortunately, Wesleyan is not able to offer financial aid to PreCollege students.

Do you conduct admissions interviews?
Students are strongly encouraged to speak with a PreCollege Admissions Representative, but there is no formal interview process. Depending upon the information included in your application, we may wish to meet with a prospective student either in person or via Skype before admission to the program.

How difficult is the course material?
The degree of difficulty varies per class. PreCollege Online courses are developed especially for high-achieving high school students While they are rigorous and challenging, faculty for these courses expect that prior knowledge and questions will reflect the composition of the student body.

I don’t have any test scores yet. Will you still consider my application?
We will consider all applications. If you do not have standardized test results to share, more weight will be placed on your GPA and personal statement. Additionally, you are welcome to submit your application without scores, and send us your scores at a later time.

Would there be an orientation? If so, when?
Depending on the course, the instructor may choose to conduct an online orientation session.

Will participating in PreCollege help me get into Wesleyan University?
Your decision to participate in PreCollege at Wesleyan should be based on your desire to engage in a rigorous intellectual atmosphere, to place yourself in the mind-set of what college life will entail, and to push yourself to succeed academically. Like any additional academic activity participation in this program can help you to present yourself as an interesting candidate during the college application process at Wesleyan and elsewhere.

Will I get a Wesleyan transcript?
No. Wesleyan does not offer transcripts for non-credit PreCollege Online courses. All students receive a certificate of completion; you may choose to receive a letter grade on the certificate or not.

At the end of PreCollege courses, will teacher recommendations be provided?
Wesleyan faculty who feel that a particular student has exceeded expectations may be willing to provide a general or specific letter of recommendation. You may elect to earn a letter grade, and if so, the grade you earn in a course will be the greatest indicator of your success for future applications.

Do I have the option of living on campus while I take online courses?
No. If you are interested in Wesleyan’s PreCollege study program on campus (summers only), please visit our PreCollege On Campus page.