The following rules and regulations have been adopted to promote the safety and convenience of the entire university and allow for maximum and efficient use of our parking facilities. To serve this purpose they must be, and will be, strictly enforced.

                        The Office of Public Safety is charged with the responsibility of enforcing the regulations set forth on a 24-HOUR-A-DAY basis. Any questions or concerns regarding parking should be referred to the Office of Public Safety at parking@wesleyan.edu

All parking regulations are in effect and enforced all year, regardless if classes are in session. This includes winter and summer breaks. *It is the responsibility of the driver to know the university parking regulations.*


The Office of Public Safety reserves the right to restrict parking in any campus lot during or after normal business hours for special events or emergencies.

Authorized Student Parking Areas

Student parking lots are at the following locations:

V Lot—Vine Street Lot

K Lot–By 202 & 230 Washington Street

W Lot–Near High Rise/Low Rise

M Lot–Rear 344 Washington Street, rear 356 Washington Street

Between 151 & 157 Church Street

Behind 1 Vine Street (gravel parking lot; this area is often not plowed during winter)



Parking/driveways at a wood frame residence is reserved for the residents of that house but is not guaranteed to accommodate all residents of that house and is restricted to paved areas.

Parking on the turf/grass/sidewalks/along curbing is not allowed. Driving through backyards is not allowed.

First-year students are assigned LL Lot by Smith Field for parking during the week. Starting 5 p.m. on Fridays, first-year students may move their vehicles to V Lot, but the vehicle must be back at LL Lot by midnight Monday morning. These are the only two areas in which first-year students may park. First-year student vehicles are NOT permitted anywhere else on the campus unless they receive specific permission from Psafe.

Street parking is available on a limited basis in some areas, but is not a reliable alternative. If a student vehicle is parked on university property at any time, even once, it must be registered with the university.

All faculty/staff lots are closed to students at all times. This includes O Lot, Foss Hill Drive, and Clark Hall. S Lot and U Lot are also now faculty/staff lots with no student parking allowed.

Student Responsibility

  • The owner and/or operator of any vehicle parked on Wesleyan University property shall assume the risk of loss or damage to said vehicle and its contents. Wesleyan University assumes no responsibility for the safety, care and, protection of the vehicle and its contents. Thus, we recommend you lock your car.
  • The person in whose name the parking permit is issued shall be held responsible for any violation involving the vehicle.
  • If a vehicle becomes disabled, Public Safety must be notified immediately. Failure to do so may result in ticketing, immobilization, or towing at the owner’s expense.
  • A change of registration, transfer, or sale of a motor vehicle registered with Wesleyan must be reported to the Office of Public Safety.
  • All persons operating motor vehicles on or around campus must drive within the speed limit and in a manner that will ensure the safety of the entire community.
  • Any vehicle abandoned on university property will be towed at the owner’s expense. Should no one claim the vehicle, it will be disposed of by the carrier in the manner dictated by Connecticut statutes.
  • Transfer of a parking permit or temporary permit to another vehicle, possession of a stolen or altered permit, or the falsification of a registration form is prohibited.

Immobilization Boot

Officers working for the Office of Public Safety are equipped with vehicle immobilization devices known commonly as “boots.” These devices may be deployed on any vehicle in violation of university parking regulations at any time.

Vehicles that remain booted for more than 24 hours will be charged additional fines at the rate of $30 per day until the removal of the boot from the vehicle and removal of the vehicle from the area.

The boot will be removed by Public Safety staff only after payment is received. Tampering with the boot will subject the owner/operator to an additional $100 fine and possible revocation of parking privileges.

Guest Parking

All visitors and guests must obtain a temporary parking permit at Public Safe.


Any person whose vehicle has been towed or ticketed may appeal via e-mail to the Office of Public Safety within seven days of the incident. The appellant will receive a response to his or her appeal once the appeal is processed. E-mail Parking@wesleyan.edu with the subject line as “Ticket ###### Appeal,” with the ticket number filled in. We also need your WesID number, your permit and plate info, as well as the reason for the appeal.  Appeals may also be submitted on-line via Portfolio/Portal.



In the event of a winter parking ban declared by the City of Middletown, Public Safety will notify students via e-mail. All vehicles must be removed from city streets or they will be subject to ticketing and towing by the city at the owner’s expense. Student vehicles may be parked legally in any student parking lot. Any announced snow ban automatically closes all faculty/staff lots to student usage immediately, even on weekends and during evening hours. Student vehicles parked in faculty/staff lots may be towed and subject to a $75 parking ticket.

Printable PDF of parking zone Map  

student map