Student Groups

There are many student organizations related to queer issues and identities on campus. A few examples of organized groups include:

  • BELLIG: To create a drag group for performances and experience-oriented learning regarding the process of Drag.
  • Peers for Queers Program – The Peers for Queers Program aims to provide an emotional support network for LGBTQ high school students in Middletown. So far, participating Wesleyan students have worked closely with Middletown High School's GSA to organize community events that foster dialogue on diversity and other relevant issues.
  • Pride Month Planning Committee – a planning committee for Queer & Disability Rights Awareness Month. These communities have decided to come together to plan and celebrate October as a month of political, social, educational, and entertaining programs and events.
  • Queer Alumni Mentorship Program Linking up queer alumni and students to forge a stronger queer Wesleyan network.
  • Queer Organizing Committee – The Queer Organizing Committee is a student group dedicated to organizing queer events, activities and programs on campus and in Middletown for Wesleyan students. Our system is designed so that anyone in the Wesleyan community can come to us with an idea for an event they would like to see through, and with our resources and people-power we make it happen. We also welcome suggestions from people who do not want to be involved in the planning. We have organized events such as Queer Rollerskating and a Queer Film Series.
  • Queer Sibs Program – A Queer Sib is a pen-pal and real-pal to talk to about queer life at Wesleyan and beyond. This resource is designed not only for incoming freshman, but for anyone in Wesleyan’s diverse queer and questioning community looking to make connections.
  • Queer/Trans* Collective – a group of both trans and non-trans students involved in discussion and activism around gender/gender identity issues on and off campus.
  • QueerWes To create an all-inclusive, cohesive group of queer persons and allies on Wesleyan’s campus in order to better organize and communicate with the university.
  • SPECTRUM – a confidential social organization that provides a safe space to address the specific needs of queer students of color.
  • Wednesday Night Football – a weekly discussion for students questioning their sexuality or who just want to talk to other queer or questioning students.

Queer life at Wesleyan is constantly evolving and there are many opportunities for students to get involved with shaping its structure. In addition, new student groups can be created at any time and many events happen throughout the year outside of these groups’ activities. Community members find out about all of these and other opportunities on the listserv endlessacronym, named for the seemingly endless letters in LGBTQQFAGIPBDSM… Allies are welcome to join the list too.

To sign up, send an e-mail to with a blank subject line and “subscribe endlessacronym” in the body of the e-mail.