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  Thursday, May 22
  Friday, May 23
  Saturday, May 24
  Sunday, May 25


  Ready to challenge your
  mind and expand your
  horizons? WESeminars
  offered throughout the
  weekend feature
  prominent alumni and
  parents, as well as some
  of Wesleyan’s finest
  students and faculty
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WESeminars offer stimulating intellectual experiences through educational presentations by Wesleyan faculty members, alumni, parents, students, and staff. WESeminar participants rekindle connections to Wesleyan and gain insight into the teaching and scholarship that take place at the University today. WESeminars typically last one hour to 90 minutes. Registration is not required. Space is limited, however, and attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis. Most WESeminars reach capacity seating so it is best to arrive early.

WESeminars will be scheduled throughout the weekend, beginning Thursday afternoon and ending late Saturday afternoon. Below is a preliminary list of WESeminars that may be offered during Reunion & Commencement Weekend. The final list of WESeminars will be published in the schedule that will be available at the Reunion & Commencement Registration site (Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, 330 High Street).



WESeminar Listings


Thursday, May 22 

1 p.m.WESeminar 1 Connecticut River Expedition
1:30 p.m.WESeminar 2 Demystifying Vodou
3 p.m.WESeminar 3 The Healthcare of Our Presidents

Friday, May 23 

9 a.m.WESeminar 4 Connecticut River Expedition 
10 a.m.WESeminar 5 Gallery Talk on Photographs of David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson 
10 a.m.WESeminar 6 The Middle East: Crisis, Conflict, and Change
10:30 a.m.WESeminar 7 Artists' Books 
1 p.m.WESeminar 8 Strange Love: Juliet and Gender 
1 p.m.WESeminar 9 Inside Book Publishing
1 p.m.WESeminar 10 Whither Diversity: Meanderings of a Wayward Concept 
2 p.m.WESeminar 11 Life's Great Passages: Adolescence, Midlife, and the Elder Passage 
3 p.m.WESeminar 12 Archives at Home 
3 p.m.WESeminar 13 Muse in Music: Writing for the Hip-Hop Generation 
3 p.m.WESeminar 14 Wesleyan's Warriors and Poets of World War II 
4 p.m.WESeminar 15 The Bells of South College
4 p.m.WESeminar 16 Across and Down
4 p.m.WESeminar 17 Four Career Imperatives for the 21st Century 
8 p.m.WESeminar 18 Lift Every Voice: An Open Workshop with Marichal Monts '85 
8 p.m.WESeminar 19 Mars-As You've Never Seen It
9:30 p.m.WESeminar 20 Film Screening: The Bourne Identity

Saturday, May 24 

9 a.m.WESeminar 21 The Greatest Operas Revisited 
9 a.m.WESeminar 22 Moments 
9 a.m.WESeminar 23 American Studies: It's All in the Mix 
9:30 a.m.WESeminar 24 Hidden Techies: Pushing the Envelope of Technology and Creativity 
9:30 a.m.WESeminar 25 Medical Milestones
10 a.m.WESeminar 26 Diasporas, Transnationalism, and Globalization 
1:30 p.m.WESeminar 27 Celebration of Wesleyan Writing Works by Steve Almond '88 and Amanda Davis '93
1:30 p.m.WESeminar 28 Back in the Day: Perspectives on the Black Community at Wesleyan 
1:30 p.m.WESeminar 29 Outside the Classroom 
1:30 p.m.WESeminar 30 What Did They Know? And When Did They Know It?-Wesleyan Connections to the OSS and CIA
1:30 p.m.WESeminar 31 The Gatekeepers: Perception and Reality Behind the Wesleyan Admission Process
1:30 p.m.WESeminar 32 Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh My!-Dorothy's Guide to the Economy
1:30 p.m.WESeminar 37 "Never Settle"
2:30 p.m.WESeminar 33 Climbing for Beginners 
3 p.m.WESeminar 34 Telling a Tale Hollywood Style: A Good Script Defined 
3 p.m.WESeminar 35 Transportation Security in Post-9/11 America
3 p.m.WESeminar 36 Retrospective of the Work of Robert Ludlum '51 
3 p.m.WESeminar 38 Wesleyan's Campus Master Plan 
4 p.m.WESeminar 39 Tom Chapin: Live in Concert 
4 p.m.WESeminar 40 Five Years Out
4 p.m.WESeminar 41 U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century: Friend or Foe
4:30 p.m.WESeminar 42 A Reading by Yusef Komunyakaa

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