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  Weekend Essentials

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WESeminars offer stimulating intellectual experiences through educational presentations by Wesleyan faculty members, alumni, parents, students, and staff. WESeminar participants rekindle connections to Wesleyan and gain insight into the teaching and scholarship that take place at the University today. WESeminars typically last one hour to 90 minutes. Registration is not required unless otherwise noted. Space is limited, however, and attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis. Most WESeminars reach capacity seating so it is best to arrive early.
WESeminars will be scheduled throughout the weekend, beginning Thursday afternoon and ending Sunday morning. This listing of WESeminars is preliminary and subject to change. The final list of WESeminars will appear in the schedule available at Registration (Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, 330 High Street).

Mothers, Fathers, and Presidents: Psychological Perspectives on Bill Clinton and George W. Bush
Wesleyan’s Film and Television Connection
Couldn’t Keep It to Myself: Readings and Discussion
Good Eats
Alpha Delta Phi Celebrates Architectural History
Underwater Adventures: Living Beneath the Waves
What’s It Worth?
Goliath Slayers: Champions of Justice Challenge Corporate Giants Through Class Action Lawsuits
Race Mixing: Black-White Interracial Marriage in the Modern Era
Why is the United States a Target for Terrorism?
My First Novel: Tales of the Unexpected
The Bells of South College
A Drawing Lesson
Inside Book Publishing
Seeing the Universe with X-ray Eyes
The Scimitar and the Veil in American Political Cartoons
Connecticut River Expedition (two departures)
The Complete Skeptic’s Guide to Reading the Newspaper
A Documentary History of Wesleyan Student Groups
Climbing for Beginners
Of Jacare, Candiru, and Piranhas: Conserving the Biodiversity of South America’s Freshwaters
Wesleyan’s Gatekeepers: The Changing Process of Wesleyan Admission
In Pursuit of Excellence
Technology and Its Discontents: Over-Utilization and Medical Errors
Then and Now: The Class of ’59 Reflects
Building the Future Now: Wesleyan’s Campus Master Plan
Artists’ Books
Reinventing Democracy: Service as a Route to Civic Participation
Brown vs. Board of Education 50 Years Later: What is the Definition of Progress?
Making Government Work: A Tale of Two Cities
Parenting in the 21st Century
Families in Conflict: Biblical Representations and Modern Reflections
Made in America: Does Manufacturing Still Matter?
Five Years Out
Javanese Gamelan Concert
Yesterday and Today
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Separating Myth from Reality
Practicing Law: What Happened to Change a Profession to a Business?
Celebration of Wesleyan Writing • Meet the Writers: Andy Behrman ’84 and Michael Palmer ’64
Corporate Governance and the SEC

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