Class of '66 40th Reunion


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Alberto Ibarguen Amy & David Boyle Amy Boyle Bill & Angell Hauser Bill Burkhardt
Alberto Ibarguen.jpg Amy & David Boyle.jpg Amy Boyle.jpg Bill & Angell Hauser.jpg Bill Burkhardt.jpg
Bill Hauser Bill Hauser_1 Bob Dannies Brad Whitford Brad Whitford_1
Bill Hauser.jpg Bill Hauser_1.jpg Bob Dannies.jpg Brad Whitford.jpg Brad Whitford_1.jpg
Bud Smith Bud Smith_1 Bud Smith_2 Class Photo Cost, McNally, Crootof,Spoehr&Rick & Jean Osofsky
Bud Smith.jpg Bud Smith_1.jpg Bud Smith_2.jpg Class Photo.jpg Cost, McNally, Crootof,Spoehr&Rick & Jean Osofsky.jpg