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Thursday, May 25
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Friday, May 26


7:30 a.m.–4 p.m.

A La Carte Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Coffee
Available for purchase on-site. No advance registration required.

Location: Pi Cafe, Exley Science Center, 265 Church Street

8 a.m.–10 p.m.

Everyone—alumni, parents, students, and families—please check in for a final weekend schedule (with updates and event locations), meal tickets, a welcome packet, campus maps, and more.
Location: Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, 330 High Street

8:30 a.m.

Informal Breakfast at Alpha Delta Phi
Stop by the house for coffee and breakfast, pick up a schedule of Alpha Delta Phi events, and see if any of your brothers and sisters have arrived.
Location: Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street


9 a.m.–6 p.m.

Senior Projects in Film Studies
View a series of four 16mm films and eleven digital videos made by members of the graduating Class of 2006.

Location: Goldsmith Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies, 301 Washington Terrace

9:30–11 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.

Campus Walking Tours

Please wear comfortable attire and close-toed shoes.

Location: Main entrance, Stewart M. Reid House, Office of Admission, 70 Wyllys Avenue

9:30 a.m.–noon

Meeting of the Trustees of the Adelphic Literary Society
All members of Alpha Delta Phi are welcome to attend.

Location: Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street

10 a.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 2

Alzheimer’s Disease: Genetics, Models, Mechanisms, and Therapeutics
For more than four decades, Dr. Donald Price '56 has investigated a variety of human illnesses, particularly neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Parkinson’s Disease (PD). Taking advantage of advances in genetics, molecular biology, and techniques to produce genetically engineered animal models of these diseases, he and his colleagues at Johns Hopkins University have clarified disease mechanisms, identified therapeutic targets, and tested novel therapies in animal models of AD, PD, ALS, and other human illnesses. He will describe his research on Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common cause of memory loss and dementia in late life, which affects approximately 4.5 million people in the United States.
Presenter: Donald Price ’56, professor of pathology, neurology and neuroscience, Departments of Pathology, Neurology and Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Location: Room 116, Judd Hall, 207 High Street


10 a.m.–4 p.m.

The Rick Nicita Gallery

Location: Center for Film Studies, 301 Washington Terrace


11 a.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 3

Never Do Anything You Love For Money
Classmates Andy Glantz '71 and Miguel Gomez-Ibanez '71 both changed careers in their 40s to become professional furniture makers. They did not know each other at Wesleyan, but reconnected in 2004 when they found themselves serving together on the Board of Trustees of The Furniture Society, an international association of furniture artists, designers, gallery owners, and collectors. Glantz and Gomez-Ibanez will show their work and discuss their respective transitions from careers they trained for and successfully pursued for many years, to a new focus that gave them enjoyment, meaning, and, at least, a modest income.
Presenters: Andrew Glantz ’71, MA ’72, former teacher, and now a contemporary furniture designer and maker; Miguel Gomez-Ibanez ’71 P’00, licensed architect and former president of his own design firm, who now designs and builds traditionally inspired furniture

Location: Room 002, Public Affairs Center (PAC), 238 Church Street



Informal Lunch at Alpha Delta Phi

Location: Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street

Noon–1 p.m.

Luncheon for WESeminar Presenters and Members of the WESeminar Committee
By invitation only

Location: Tent (with black flag), North College lawn

Noon–1:30 p.m.

Welcome Picnic
Everyone is invited to this informal, outdoor picnic. Please register using the form in your preliminary brochure or by clicking the "register now" button.

Location: Tent, Russell House, 350 High Street

Noon–4 p.m.

Alpha Delta Phi Open House
Stop by the house and pick up a schedule of Alpha Delta Phi events and activities, take a tour of the house, participate in Sesquicentennial activities, and meet other brothers and sisters back for the weekend.

Location: Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street


12:15 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 4

Rain or shine, board the RiverQuest, specially reserved for our four-hour Connecticut River excursion exploring one of the “Seven Sisters,” a hill formed by metamorphosed sediments deposited in an ocean which has long since disappeared. Follow a beautiful creek bordered by wetlands. Osprey may fly overhead, but watch out for Swancilla. Dock and discover Selden Island, which is composed of rocks 600 million years old, which formed offshore Antarctica and drifted north. The trip takes approximately four hours, including travel to and from the boat launch, which will be provided. Space is limited and advance reservations are required.  The trip will depart from campus on Friday, May 26, at 12:15 p.m.
Presenter: Jelle deBoer, Harold T. Stearns Professor of Earth Sciences Emeritus; Joel LaBella, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Location: Meet in the front lobby, Exley Science Center, 265 Church Street


1 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 5

Wes Press: Then and Now
In 2007, Wesleyan University Press will celebrate its 50th birthday. A lot has happened in those 50 years. The Press has published more than 1,000 books, and won four Pulitzer Prizes and three National Book Awards, while its poetry list was recently hailed by The New York Times as “remarkable for its longevity and reputation of excellence.” Join the Press’s founding director and current director to discover the history of this remarkable institution. Browse the shelves in the Press’s library, meet the staff, and hear how recent trends in technology are influencing the mission and practice of academic publishing, and how a small press continues to publish great books.
Presenters: Willard A. Lockwood ’46 P’78, founding director, Wesleyan University Press; Suzanna L. Tamminen, ’90, MALS ’96, director, Wesleyan University Press

Location: Wesleyan University Press, 215 Long Lane


1:30 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 6

Reflections of World War II Veterans
Join alumni veterans of World War II for a roundtable conversation about the mood of the country and on the Wesleyan campus during the tumultuous war years. Hear firsthand stories about when these alumni enlisted, how long they served, where they were stationed, and how the war affected them at the time and in the years that fol-lowed.
Presenters: Henry B. Anderson ’40, MA’48; George Morrill ’42, MA’57

Location: Kerr Lecture Hall, Hall-Atwater, Church Street (formerly Shanklin 107)

1:30–3:30 p.m.

Senior Class Celebration and Barbecue
The Class of ’06 photo will be taken promptly at 2:30 p.m.
Hosted by the Alumni Association and the Wesleyan Annual Fund for Excellence. Catering provided by WesWings.

Location: Tent, Center for the Arts

2 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 7

The Senior Thesis—A Showcase for Academic Excellence
The senior thesis is a year-long, in-depth project that provides students with a unique opportunity to explore fresh ideas and produce new knowledge. In this session, we highlight several senior theses representing a cross section of student research and creative output from the natural sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Students will share their work and discuss the processes that guided their investigations.
Moderator: David Phillips, dean for the Class of ’06
Presenters:: Students to be announced after completion of senior theses in spring 2006.

Location: Room 116, Judd Hall, 207 High Street


2–4 p.m.

Wesleyan University Press Open House
Staff members of Wesleyan University Press welcome new writers, established writers, and anyone seeking a fuller understanding of how the complex book publishing industry works. Writers and others who are interested are welcome to drop by for a glass of wine, to informally browse the library of Wes Press publications, and to discuss their writing plans with the Press staff.

Location: Wesleyan University Press, 215 Long Lane

2:30 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 8

In Pursuit of Highway Safety
We’re a nation that loves cars and the mobility they afford us. But this mobility has always been balanced against the number of serious injuries and deaths associated with our highways. In trying to improve safety, many changes have been made in vehicle design, and much new legislation has been passed. Most vehicles now have air bags, and new drivers are awarded driving privileges incrementally in many states. Laws have also been passed requiring seat belt use and deterring alcohol-impaired driving. Join this international authority on highway safety for his assessment of the progress we’ve made and the most challenging issues we face to-day.
Presenter: Allan Williams ’61, P’89, former senior vice president and chief scientist at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Dr. Williams is a social psychologist whose research helped form the basis for child restraint laws, seat belt law enforcement programs, minimum drinking age legislation, and graduated licensing for beginning drivers.

Location: Room 58, Exley Science Center, 265 Church Street


3 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 9

Lost—and Found—Wesleyan
Wesleyan, like any institution, is constantly changing. From architecture to student customs, many aspects of Wesleyan have been lost or changed over years. At the same time, new evidence of the past is found, new buildings are built, and new customs are forged. Join university archivists for an in-depth look at artifacts and images of a Wesleyan that is now lost or changed, and see newly discovered materials related to Wesleyan’s past. This program is limited to 20 participants.
Presenters: Valerie Gillispie, assistant university archivist; Suzy Taraba ‘77, university archivist and head of Special Collections

Location: Davison Rare Book Room, Olin Memorial Library


3 p.m.

Building the Future Now: a Walking Tour of Campus for Alumni
Gather for a private tour of campus with a special focus on the new and renovated facilities. This tour will be led by Joyce Topshe, associate vice president for facilities. Please wear comfortable attire and close-toed shoes.

Location: Meet outside the Cross Street entrance to the Freeman Athletic Center at 3pm. Parking is available behind the firehouse "lot Q" or across the street at "lot R."


3:30 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 10

Lost Battalions: The Great War and Crisis of American Nationality
During the bloodiest days of World War I, no soldiers served more valiantly than the African-American troops of the 369th Infantry—the fabled Harlem Hell Fighters—and the legendary “lost battalion” composed of “undesirable” New York City immigrants (largely Jews) drawn from the 77th Division, known as the Statue of Liberty Division. Though these men had lived up to their side of the bargain as loyal American soldiers, earning the right to first-class citizenship, the country to which they returned chose to maintain and even extend Jim Crow and other laws and patterns of social behavior that had stigmatized them. In his latest book, Lost Battalions, Professor Richard Slotkin takes the pulse of a nation struggling with social inequality during a decisive historical moment. Join him for an interactive discussion of the social history chronicled in his book.
Presenter: Richard Slotkin, Olin Professor of English and professor of American studies, and author of Abe: A Novel of the Young Lincoln; Gunfighter Nation: The Myth of the Frontier in Twentieth-Century America; and Lost Battalions: The Great War and Crisis of American Nationality. Professor Slotkin is a 1999 recipient of the Binswanger Prize for Excellence in Teaching.

Location: Memorial Chapel


This event will be viewable online.  Please click here for more information, or check out http://wescast.wesleyan.edu.

4 p.m.

Alpha Delta Phi Group Photo
All members of Alpha Delta Phi in town for the Reunion weekend should gather at the house for a group photo spanning as many generations as possible.

Location: Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street


Class of '56 Reception for Sigma Nu Members
Sigma Nu members from the class of '56 and their significant others are invited to a wine and cheese reception in the former Sigma Nu house (now the University Relations Office).
Hosted by: Gary Miller '56
Location: 1st floor, Office of University Relations, 318 High Street

4–5:45 p.m.

Celebrating 150 years of Alpha Delta Phi at Wesleyan—Open Archives
All are welcome to head to Alpha Delta Phi and view an exhibit of our archives, assembled by our archivist and a team of undergraduates. There will be a variety of treasures reflecting our chapter’s colorful history. If you have something you think would be a good addition to the archives, please bring it by.

Location: Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street

4–6 p.m.

Champagne Reception for Graduating Seniors and Their Families
Hosted by: the Senior Class Officers and the Parents Council
Location: Tent, Russell House, 350 High Street


Graduate Liberal Studies Alumni Reception
This informal gathering of GLSP students, alumni, and their families will be followed by the all-college dinner on Andrus Field.

Location: Davison Art Center, 301 High Street

4:15–6 p.m.

Alpha Delta Phi Cocktail Reception
Join your Alpha Delt brothers and sisters as they celebrate the chapter’s sesquicentennial with cocktails and conversation. The celebration will be followed by dinner at 6 p.m.

Location: Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street

4:30 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 11

Hard Cider: Rediscovering a New England Classic
John Adams had a mug for breakfast every day; Robert Frost celebrated it in his poetry. Hard cider, the fermented juice of selected blends of special cider apples, used to be the vin du pays of New England, until Prohibition drove it underground in the twentieth century. Now, though, thanks to Stephen Wood and Louisa Spencer of Leba-non, New Hampshire, you can again taste cider—hard cider—at its very best. Since 1987, this dedicated couple has been cultivating dozens of classic apple varieties and exploring techniques of fermentation, blending, and aging to create vintages that are clean, complex, deliciously subtle, and uniquely reflective of the New England landscape. Join them for a tasting of their ciders, and discover why they have garnered rave reviews from critics at The New York Times, Saveur, Food and Wine, and Martha Stewart Living.
Presenters: Suzanne O’Connell, associate professor of earth and environmental sciences and her husband, garden writer Thomas Christopher, are home cider “vintners” in Middletown. Stephen Wood and Louisa Spencer are the owners of Farnum Hill Ciders in Lebanon, N.H.

Location: Kerr Lecture Hall, Hall-Atwater, Church Street (formerly Shanklin 107)


4:30–6:30 p.m.

25th Reunion Reception for the Class of ’81 and Guests

Location: Zelnick Pavilion

5 p.m.

Psi Upsilon House Meeting
Followed by a reception at 6 p.m.

Location: Psi Upsilon, 242 High Street


10th Reunion Reception for the Class of '96

Join friends and classmates to kick off what promises to be a wonderful weekend.

Location: Reunion headquarters, Fauver Residence Hall

5–5:30 p.m.

Scholarship Recognition Wall: A Celebration
Increasing the resources for financial aid is a priority for Wesleyan. To honor donors who are supporting this vital need, a scholarship recognition wall has been built in North College. Everyone is invited to stop by to see the list of funded and named scholarships. Brief remarks at 5:15 p.m.
Location: Lobby, North College

5–6:30 p.m.

President’s Reception for the Donor Associates
Honoring members of the Wesleyan Circle, Cardinal Circle, Founders Club, Willbur Fisk Associates, College Row Society, John Wesley Associates, 1831 Society, Douglas Cannon Club, Day Society, and Olin Associates. By invitation only.

Location: Tent, President's House, 269 High Street

5:30–8:30 p.m.

Viva Italia! All-College Dinner
Mangia! Join friends, classmates, and family members for an informal Italian-style buffet dinner. Please register using the form in your preliminary brochure or by clicking the "register now" button.

Location: Tent, Andrus Field

6 p.m.

Alpha Delta Phi Sesquicentennial Banquet
Join your fellow brothers and sisters for dinner and speakers as we celebrate 150 years of Alpha Delta Phi in Middletown. Open only to members of Alpha Delta Phi and their families. The annual House meeting will immediately follow.

Location: Tent, Alpha Delta Phi, 185 High Street

Wesleyan Spirits 25th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
Kickoff a weekend of events to commemorate twenty-five years as Wesleyan’s premier all-male a cappella group. Attendance restricted to cur-rent and former Spirits, their families, and special guests. Please register using the Spirits invitation (mailed separately) or by calling (860) 685-2116.

Location: Tent (with black flag), North College lawn

6–9 p.m.

Pick-up Basketball Games

Open to all.  Basketballs will be provided.

Location: Bacon Field House, Freeman Athletic Center, 161 Cross Street


7:30 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 12

To Kitt Peak and Back
Astronomy is an experimental science, and the observatory is the astronomer’s laboratory. One of the goals of Astronomy 211, a sophomore-level general education course, is to bring part of the research experience to the classroom by introducing students to astronomical instrumentation and observational techniques. In spring 2005, it was the other way around: students went to Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona to participate in their instructor’s research. Meet the students who joined Professor Moran in Arizona; see their pictures and learn firsthand about their research results, and the impact of the trip on their future plans.
Presenters: Edward Moran, assistant professor of astronomy and a frequent visitor to Kitt Peak since 1991; Raomej Caro ’07; Seth Cohen ’07; Christopher Dieck ’07; Matthew Johnson ’07 (three of whom are now majoring in astronomy)

Location: Hansel Lecture Hall, Public Affairs Center (PAC), 238 Church Street (formerly PAC 001)


7:30 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 13

Protocols of Zion
Despite all the evidence to the contrary, many people around the world continue to blame the Jews for the tragedy of 9/11. This belief is a modern-day incarnation of the infamous forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a hundred-year-old book falsely believed to contain the Jews’ master plan to rule the world. In the documentary film, Protocols of Zion, veteran filmmaker Marc Levin ’73 challenges this persistent and insidious conspiracy theory and explores its resurgence of popularity in modern times. Join us for a screening of the film followed by a discussion with Levin and co-producer Jennifer Tuft ’01.
Introduction: Jeanine Basinger, Corwin-Fuller Professor of Film Studies, curator of the Cinema Archives, Chair of the Film Studies Department, and a 1996 recipient of the Binswanger Prize for Excellence.
Presenters: Marc Levin ’73, P’05, award-winning filmmaker, whose film SLAM won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize in 1998 and the Camera D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival; Jennifer Tuft ’01, independent film producer.

Location: The Goldsmith Family Cinema, Center for Film Studies, 301 Washington Terrace


8 p.m.

Voices of Liberal Learning: WESeminar 14

Duet: A Performance By Eiko & Koma
Since 1972, Japanese-born choreographers/dancers Eiko & Koma have created a unique and riveting theater of movement out of stillness, shape, light and sound. Broadly trained, they studied with Kazuo Ohno in Japan, Manja Chmiel in Germany, and Lucas Hoving in the Netherlands before moving to New York in 1976. Since then, Eiko & Koma have presented their works in theaters, universities, museums, galleries, and festivals worldwide, including five appearances at BAM’s Next Wave Festival and a month-long “living” gallery installation in the Whitney Museum of American Art. Recently Eiko & Koma’s focus has been to present their outdoor works—River, The Caravan Project, Offering, and Tree Song—as free events in public sites. Join them for a performance of their original work Duet, which Margo Jefferson from The New York Times reviewed, saying “I don’t think anyone in the theater dared to breathe . . .” Following the performance, the artists will answer questions and talk about their three decades of dance.
Presenters: Eiko Otake P’07 and Takashi “Koma” Otake P’07 are performance artists and MacArthur Fellows whose work has been honored on five continents. Eiko is one of 11 founding artists of the Center for Creative Research (CCR), a pilot project designed to promote long-term relationships between innovative movement artists and academic institutions. She is currently a CCR Resident Artist at Wesleyan.
Cosponsor: The Freeman Asian/Asian American Initiative

Location: World Music Hall, Center for the Arts

8 p.m.

Wesleyan Spirits Rehearsal
Attendance restricted to current and former Spirits, their families, and special guests. An open rehearsal will begin at 9 p.m.

Location: Crowell Concert Hall, Center for the Arts

9 p.m.

Weather permitting, visit the Van Vleck Observatory, where you’ll have an awesome view of the stars through our telescopes.

Location: Van Vleck Observatory

Wesleyan Spirits Open Rehearsal
Come hear 25 years of Spirits reunite.

Location: Crowell Concert Hall, Center for the Arts

9–11 p.m.

Academic Department Open House


Location: Van Vleck Observatory


9 p.m.
Benefit Concert for the Green Street Arts Center Featuring Dar Williams ’89

Please join us for a concert with Dar Williams ’89. Proceeds from the concert will support scholarships at the Green Street Arts Center (GSAC). The Green Street Arts Center, which opened in January, 2005, is a project of Wesleyan University developed in collaboration with the City of Middletown and the North End Action Team and serves as an anchor to the revitalization efforts currently underway in the North End. Programming in the former schoolhouse at 51 Green Street includes a vibrant afterschool program and a wide range of affordable classes and workshops for children and adults in music, dance, visual arts, sound recording, media arts and creative writing.

Hailed as one of the best singer/songwriters of our time, Dar graduated from Wesleyan in 1989 with a double major in theater and religion. She went on to develop her talents as a folk singer, and early in her career opened for Joan Baez who recorded some of her songs. She recorded her first full album, The Honesty Room in 1993. Since then she has toured extensively in the United States and Europe, and last fall released her seventh CD, My Better Self, which highlights some of the social and environmental issues Dar holds close to her heart.

Tickets through the Wesleyan Box Office (860/685-3355): $100 (includes performance, invitation to post-show reception and a signed CD); $45 (performance only); $25 (graduating seniors). Seating is limited.
Location: Memorial Chapel


9 p.m.–2 a.m.

Urban Renewal Reunion Show with special guest Kiff (Chris Gallagher ’91)
It’s the return of the seminal dance band of the early ’80s. Let loose at Eclectic just like you remember! Featuring Urban Renewal stalwarts Abraham Adzenyah (faculty), Scott Hecker ’80, Joel Kreisberg ’81, Robert Levin ’81, Matthew Penn ’80, Paul Spiro ’80, Bryant Urban ’81, and Timothy Alcock ’80 (in spirit) . . . plus a number of special guests!
The opening act is a rising star. Kiff’s unique blend of classic song-writing, authentic soul, and ripe-for-radio vocals has made his first two al-bums instant hits. He has been called “a cross between John Mayer and Maroon 5 with a dose of Stevie Wonder.” Read more at www.kiff.com.
Sponsored by: the Classes of ’81 and ’91

Location: Eclectic, 200 High Street

9 p.m.–2 a.m.

The Moons are back!
Uranus and the Five Moons returns to Psi U for the penultimate stop of their (possibly) final tour. Returning Moons include Sam (“The Snake”) Nigh ’67; Bobby Runk ’67, P’00; Duncan (“Mojo”) Holaday ’68, P’07; (“Captain”) Bill Machen ’66; and Wilford (“Boom Boom”) Smith ’68, P’96. There will also be a special guest appearance of the legendary ’60s group, “The Moonettes.” Additional guest appearances include two “Sons of Moons:” Andrew Runk ’00 on vocals and guitar and Brian Smith on backup vocals and harmonica. The Moons will help you “reach back” to the music of Chuck Berry, The Rolling Stones, The Young Rascals, Barry and the Remains, and Paul Butterfield. This will be their eighth Wesleyan Reunion show since 1968.
Sponsored by: Psi U and the Class of ’66

Location: Psi Upsilon, 242 High Street

A free shuttle service to area hotels and residence halls will be available until 2 a.m.