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[flag] Dates for Reunion & Commencement Weekend 2012 are May 24–27

Weekend Essentials for Everyone

Shuttle Service To-And-From Wesleyan's Usdan University Center and New Haven Train Station Available

All tickets are $9 and available through the box office at  Please see below for weekend schedule.

Friday, May 20

6 p.m. from Usdan University Center to New Haven Train Station

7 p.m. from New Haven Train Station to Usdan University Center


Saturday, May 21

10 a.m. from Usdan University Center to New Haven Train Station

11a.m. from New Haven Train Station to Usdan University Center


Sunday, May 22

4 p.m. from Usdan University Center to New Haven Train Station

Contact Information

If you have ideas or general questions about Reunion & Commencement 2011 or volunteering, or if you want to get in touch with a classmate, please contact the Wesleyan staff member working with your class.

Staff Contacts
WESeniors (Classes of 1932–1960) Amanda Mullins,, (860) 685-3479
1956 Katie Pugliese,, (860) 685-5992

Pam Vasiliou,, (860) 685-2546

Tim O'Brien,, (860) 685-5376

1966 Anita Varghese,, (860) 685-5966
1971 Anita Varghese,, (860) 685-5966
1976 Theresa Kidd,, (860) 685-4878
1981 Theresa Kidd,, (860) 685-4878
1986 Matt Strekel,, (860) 685-2445
1991 Stephanie McQueen,, (860) 685-2408
1996 Pam Vasiliou,, (860) 685-2546
2001 Caitlyn McCann ’09,, (860) 685-2371
2006 Dan Bloom ’10,, (860) 685-4840

If you have a question about registration, please contact either Suzanne Kampen in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at (860) 685-2116 or

If you are a parent or family member of a graduating senior and you have a question, please contact Dana Coffin, Office of Parent Programs, (860) 685-3756 or

You may also contact the Reunion & Commencement Interns if you should have questions: Aubrey Courville ’13, James Gardner ’13, Carolyn Szaiff ’11, and Amanda Faraone ’11 at or (860) 685-2418.


All alumni must register. Parents and families of graduating seniors must register if they wish to purchase any meal tickets and are encouraged to register even if they do not wish to attend any meals. You can register here using our secure online form.

Pre-registration Deadline

Online registration closed Friday, May 6. In order to process all registrations and prepare materials for your arrival, we cannot accept registrations after that date. If you miss the deadline, the next opportunity for you to register will be onsite, during the weekend.

On-site registration Hours:

If you have questions about registration or plan to arrive after registration closes, please contact Suzanne Kampen in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at or (860) 685-2116.


Refunds can only be made through Friday, May 6, or in extreme emergency situations. Refunds will be processed after Reunion & Commencement bookkeeping is completed in late June.

Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

The University is committed to full access and reasonable accommodations for all people. Please let us know by May 6 if you or your guests have any special needs. Requests for sign language interpreters or real-time captioning must be made by May 6. Contact Suzanne Kampen in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at (860) 685-2116 or to make arrangements. Visitors needing accessible parking may utilize any of the designated spaces on campus with a properly displayed state-issued plate or placard from any state. Persons with disabilities may also utilize special shuttle services during the evening (7 p.m.-2 a.m.) by calling 860-982-8031.

Weekend Meals

Bon Appétit, Wesleyan’s campus dining service, prepares most Reunion & Commencement snacks and meals. A vegetarian or vegan alternative is provided at every meal. Most dining options require tickets and advance purchase/registration. For these meals, we strongly recommend you reserve a ticket in advance to guarantee availability and to help us plan accordingly. If you are a member of a class with a flat rate Reunion fee (5th, 10th, and 50th Reunion classes), your meals are included in your fee, however you will be asked to select which meals you plan to attend when you register.

Meals requiring advance purchase/registration are:

Thursday 50th Reunion Dinner
Friday Welcome Picnic Lunch
Friday Red, Black, and Green Dinner

Friday Wesleyan Spirits 30th Anniversary Celebration Dinner
Friday Shabbat Dinner
Saturday Festival on Foss Hill Picnic Lunch
Saturday Reunion Class Dinner
Sunday All-Campus Brunch

There may be a limited number of extra meal tickets available for purchase on-site. Meal tickets will not be mailed in advance; you will receive the appropriate tickets when you stop by Registration to obtain your Reunion & Commencement Weekend welcome packet.

The Usdan Café (Usdan University Center) and the Pi Café (Exley Science Center) will be open for a la carte breakfast, lunch, and snacks Thursday through Sunday for limited hours. These dining options do not require advance purchase.

Most bars are cash-only, and ID is required at all bars throughout the weekend.

If you're looking to dine off campus, please check the restaurant section of Wesleyan's Visitor's Guide for a list of area options.


Wesleyan cares about what you put into your body and its effect on your well-being. This weekend we will work hard to provide you with food that is fresh, seasonal, and minimally processed. When possible, we will provide you with organic options along with other healthy choices. We understand that the effects of our choices extend well beyond the walls of our cafes at Wesleyan, and we’ve committed to purchasing up to 20 percent of the foods used this weekend from local farmers and other artisans located within a 150-mile radius of the University. Recycling is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity, and you will find the opportunity to recycle at most every event this weekend. All of our kitchens are stocked with composting bins and all composting is done at Wesleyan’s Long Lane Farm. All unused food will be donated to organizations for distribution to those in need in the Middletown community, and most disposable ware that you will use this weekend is eco-friendly and either compostable or biodegradable.


Help green Reunion & Commencement Weekend—make traveling to and from campus a group effort! Whether you are flying or driving, connect with others who are doing the same and reduce the amount of emissions released into our atmosphere by using the Wesleyan Rideboard. Sharing rides not only greatly reduces the number of cars traveling to campus, it allows for easier and more convenient parking availability, fills your trip with great conversation, and provides the opportunity for mini-reunions. Connect with other Wesleyan alumni and families in your region, carpool with classmates from your hotel, or share a cab ride or rental from the airport or train station.

Alumni: Log into your WesNet account at and click “Rideboard” (under “Resources”) to view or offer available rides, and find other alumni traveling to campus from your area. Trouble logging in or signing up? Contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations interns at (860) 685-2802 or for assistance.

Parents: Your students can post rides on your behalf, or search for available rides, via their online portfolio. Or, for assistance, contact the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations interns at (860) 685-2802, or

Wireless Access on Campus

Users are required to login when using the Wesleyan wireless network. Faculty, staff, and students can login using their email usernames and passwords. Guests may use  (username) and spring11 (password) to login to the wireless network. The login/password information will be available on any public computer or visit the Reunion & Commencement Weekend registration site at Usdan University Center, or call (860) 685-2802.

Note: As a guest user on Wesleyan University’s private network, you are expected to comply with all applicable laws related to Internet use including, but not limited to, RIAA laws prohibiting illegal file sharing and access to illegal content. Access to the Internet is monitored and violators will have their privileges revoked.

Photos and Video

University staff will take photos and video throughout the weekend and may publish them in any format or media without additional permission from the individuals in the photos or videos.

Campus Parking

We do our best to accommodate the larger crowds on campus during the weekend, but please expect delays and plan accordingly.

Additional parking will be available at the Middlesex Mutual Parking Garage (two blocks from campus at the junction of Court and Main streets), the Vine Street parking lot (adjacent to the tennis courts), and the Freeman Athletic Center parking lots (Cross Street and Pine Street). Student-operated shuttles (mini-vans) will run regularly between these lots and all sites on campus. You can flag down a shuttle anywhere on campus, or call (860) 685-2418 to arrange for an on campus ride in advance. Please allow at least one half-hour for all requests during the weekend.

The lot adjacent to the Stewart M. Reid House, Office of Admission, 70 Wyllys Avenue and the “C” lot on Church Street will be reserved for members of the Classes of 1960 and earlier, as well as for any individuals with disabilities. Please let us know by May 7 if you require special parking by contacting Suzanne Kampen in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations at (860) 685-2828 or

See the Wesleyan University Visitor Parking page for more information.


Student-operated shuttles (mini-vans) will run regularly between Middlesex Mutual Parking Garage and all sites on campus. You can flag down a shuttle anywhere on campus, or call (860) 685-2418 to arrange for an on campus ride in advance. Please allow at least one half-hour for all requests during the weekend.

The RIDE, Wesleyan’s Campus Shuttle for students, will also be available to alumni, parents, and families throughout the weekend. The RIDE runs Thursday - Saturday from 7 p.m. until 2 a.m. Two shuttle lines, Red and Blue, stop at points around campus. You can transfer from one line to the other at the Transfer Station located at the rear entrance of the Science Center. The lines connect at the Transfer Station every 20 minutes. The RIDE will also operate the Reunion & Commencement Weekend shuttle route on Sunday from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. (Please see shuttle flyer at Registration for map.)

Special Services: Persons with disabilities can access special on campus shuttle services Friday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Saturday 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and Sunday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Please call 860/982-8031 to make arrangements for a ride.

Transportation to and from campus is available by contacting local taxi and car services, which offer flat rates for travel to or from Bradley International Airport and New Haven Train Station; fees range from $60 to $65 for a one-way trip. Advanced reservations are strongly encouraged. Contact taxi and car services directly for more information, or to make reservations.

Car Rental Companies

Taxi and Cab Service

Don’t Forget

Bring your camera, scrapbooks, Wesleyan memorabilia, music, and anything else that will make the weekend special. May weather can be unpredictable in New England; we recommend that you bring a light jacket and umbrella—and if you’re staying in a dorm room—an extra blanket and towel. Wesleyan’s athletic facilities and fields will be open throughout Reunion & Commencement Weekend; bring your suit/bathing cap/towel/racket/softball glove/Frisbee, etc., and check your final schedule for facility hours.