Playing the Game
Economic Model
For Instructors
For Students
Game Screen

Student Experience during game

  • Students are randomly assigned, as they log in, to one of the countries

  • The game is divided in a number of rounds, typically 4

  • In each round, students decide
    • How much to produce of each good
    • Whether to post a trade
    • Whether to accept a posted trade, and
    • How much to consume of each good

  • During the round, students know
    • The parameters and of their country
    • How their score is computed
    • Remaining time till the end of the round
    • Remaining labor endowment
    • Inventory of goods produced, offered for trade, or available to consume
    • Cumulative and current score

  • The score is computed as the utility of consumption during the round

  • Utility is scaled so that a value of 1 is the optimal utility under autarky; values over 1 indicate gains from trade