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Instruction in the less commonly taught languages is offered at Wesleyan through course work and through the Self-Instructional Language Program (SILP) that allows students to work independently with the assistance of a native speaker and use of texts and technological resources.

Courses in languages such as American Sign Language or Hindi are offered periodically when student academic interests and/or when courses in various departments support the study of such languages. Such courses are offered under the LANG (Language) designation, are usually yearlong courses, and may be used in preparation for study abroad and in support of academic interests.

Through SILP, students can petition to continue the study of a language offered through the Less Commonly Taught Language Program. If relevant to their academic endeavors, students can petition to study a language not in the curriculum. The application process is competitive, and priority is given to SILPs that are continuations of languages already offered at Wesleyan.