Printable Application Forms for Students to Lead Forums - Fall 2016 Proposals

*Students are not permitted to audit forums.  Students will register for the course by signing the student forum roster to at the first class meeting.


  1. Any student or group of students may propose a Student Forum on their own or in consultation with one or more faculty members, provided the forum does not duplicate a course regularly offered by a department or program. Student forums and individual and group tutorials never carry a general education designation.

  2. In addition to a brief description, the proposal must include:

    • a statement of purpose and rationale
    • a statement that indicates what qualifies the student to lead the forum
    • an outline of topics to be discussed
    • a partial reading list
    • a description of written and other work to be done by each student
    • a description of the role of the faculty sponsor
    • the method by which the work will be evaluated
    • a statement from the faculty sponsor clearly explaining what s/he sees as the academic value of the proposal

The maximum enrollment is 15 plus the student leader(s).  When more than one student leader is proposed, a justification for having additional leaders must be provided. Note: beginning in the Fall of 2013, all student leaders will be pre-enrolled in the Student Forum they are leading.

  1. The minimum enrollment is 5, including the student leader(s). Student Forums that enroll fewer than 5 students will be cancelled.

  2. The student or group of students will enlist a faculty sponsor.  The sponsor will review the proposal, suggest changes, and sign an agreement with the group covering the work to be done, the sponsor's role, and the method by which the students' work will be evaluated. The faculty member's participation might include attendance at some or all meetings, consultation at intervals with the student leader and/or the group about progress of the forum, reading of some written work, etc.  The role of the faculty sponsor will be examined closely and must be clearly stated in the proposal.

  3. The student leaders must hold the first meeting of the Student Forum before the end of the Drop/Add period so that students can make an informed decision as to whether they wish to enroll in the forum or have the ability to drop the forum if they change their mind before the Drop/Add period ends without necessitating a petition.
  4. The student proposer and the faculty sponsor must sign the proposal (side A & B) and submit it to the department or program chair for review by the end of classes in the semester before the one in which the forum will take place (Tuesday, May 3).

  5. The department or program chair will review the proposal and, if it is found satisfactory, submit it to the Registrar’s Office by Tuesday, May 10. The Registrar’s Office will forward the proposal to the appropriate Academic Dean for review.

  6. The proposal will receive final review by Academic Affairs within two weeks of the submission.  The review will include attention to the student leader's academic record and specific experience that would qualify him/her to lead the proposed forum 

  7. If a student forum proposal fails to receive approval, the student leader may address the deficiencies noted by Academic Affairs and submit a revised proposal. By Friday, June 3, the student leader should communicate in writing to the Registrar's office his or her intention to do so and the revised proposal should be received no later than Friday, June 10.

  8. A list of approved Student Forums will be maintained in the Registrar's Office.  Student leaders will pick up a Student Forum Registration roster from the Registrar's Office and have interested students sign the roster.  The student leader will return it with all signatures to the Registrar's Office by the last day of the Drop/Add Period and the student will be enrolled.             

  9. At the end of the course, the faculty sponsor will complete and submit grade forms and Credit/Unsatisfactory evaluations to the Registrar's Office.  The faculty sponsor will submit a final report to the department or program chair, who will forward a copy to Academic Affairs and the Registrar's office.