Approved Student Forums - Spring 2015


The following Student Forums have been approved for the Spring 2015 semester.  Students enroll in Student Forums during the drop/add period.  To register for a Student Forum, please contact the Student Leader of the forum. Signed forms must be turned in to the Registrar's Office before the end of Drop/Add. Enrollment limit is 15 per class plus the student leader(s).


Course Title Credit

Student Leader(s)

Faculty Sponsor

AFAM420.01 WesDef Training: Breaking Barriers through Facilitation 1.0 Keyonne Session, Aimee Wilkerson David Swiderski
AMST420.01 History, Gender & Sexuality through the Lens of Asian American Voices 1.0 Alton Wang, Jennie He Patricia Hill

Writing Through Trauma

1.0 Ella Weisser, Amy Mattox Indira Karamcheti

Japanese Youths & Democracy: What Students Think

1.0 Shingo Umehara Stephen Angle
CHEM420.01 The Science & Art of Chemical Demonstrations 1.0 Jesse Mangiardi T. David Westmoreland
ECON420.01 Out of Theory into Practice: Entrepreneurship Studies 101 1.0 Yekaterina Sapozhnina, Dylan Niehoff Abigail Hornstein
ENGL420.01 History of the English Language 1.0 Margaret Curtis Matthew Garrett
ENVS420.01 Farm Forum 1.0 Kate Enright,  Eva Steinberg Amrys Williams
FGSS420.01 Women of Color in STEM: The Academy and Beyond 1.0 Aura Ochoa, Nisha Grewal Christina Othon
GOVT420.01 Family, Power and Hodar: Political Theory, Economics, and History in "Game of Thrones" 1.0 Arthur Halliday, Michael Greenwald Justin Peck
HIST420.01 The Palestine Question: Locating Palestine in the Historical and Contemporary Imaginary .5 Justine Mitchell Bruce Masters
PSYC420.01 Gender, Race, and Culture in Disney Movies 1.0 Taylor Dauphin, Edrianny Rodriguez Robert Steele
PSYC420.02 Moral Psychology's Past, Present & Future .5 Zachary Dravis Patricia Rodriguez Mosquera
SISP420.01 Conscious Connections; Fostering Sustainable Mindful Practices 1.0 Jacqueline Friedman, Katherine McLaughlin Katja Kolcio
SOC420.01 Innovation through Design Thinking 1.0 Mikaela Reyes, Shirley Fang Rob Rosenthal
SOC420.02 Between the Bars: Prison Conditions in Modern America 1.0 Matthew Fine Kari Weil