The Registrar's Office will be closed on Monday, May 28th; Friday, June 29th; and Wednesday, July 4th. In addition, the office will close at noon on all Fridays from July 6th through August 10th. Please adjust your requests accordingly.

Major/Minor Certification

Beginning with the 2016/2017 academic year, Wesleyan will now be certifying minors for graduating seniors in the exact same way that majors are currently being certified.  This means that in a senior's final semester at Wesleyan, they will need to electronically submit their Minor Certification Form for final certification along with their Major Certification Form.  In an effort to simplify the process, the Minor Certification Form has been modeled after the major form and will follow the exact same submission deadlines.  Students and faculty who require assistance with the minor form, should contact Susan Krajewski, Senior Associate Registrar at x2738.