The Registrar's Office will be closed Monday, May 30, Friday, June 17, Friday, July 1 and Monday, July 4. Also, the Registrar's Office will close at Noon on the following Fridays: July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29 and August 5.

Please adjust your requests accordingly.

First-Year Pre-Registration FAQ

  • What is unique about the Learning & Living Seminars?
    • Students enrolled in a Learning & Living Seminar course live together in the same residence hall. Because students are living in close proximity to one another, intellectual discussions and collaborative learning extend beyond the classroom. This arrangement facilitates group assignments and projects, and allows for the growth of a strong community of students through daily interaction. Strengthening students' intellectual and residential community enhances the undergraduate experience for Learning and Living seminar participants.

  • What FYS courses are part of the Learning & Living Seminar program?
    • The 2014-2015 Learning & Living Seminars are BIOL140 "Classics in Animal Behavior",  ENGL152 "The Armchair Adventurer” and RELI230 "Muslim/Western Engagements". Note that all of these are offered in the Fall 2014 semester.

  • What do I do if I won't have internet access to participate in first year pre-registration?
    • You should contact the Orientation Office immediately (860-685-5666) or email The orientation interns will explore your options with you and assist you through the process.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?
    • You should contact the Orientation Office immediately (860-685-5666) or email

      There is a dedicated staff of professionals and interns who can answer your questions. When necessary, they will get you in touch with the appropriate person in another office.

  • Does it matter if I take a spring FYS rather than a Fall FYS course?
    • NO. You are able to take an FYS either semester.

  • Can I get enrolled in additional non-FYS courses during first year pre-registration?
    • NO. Any listed "Additional Courses" will NOT become first year pre-registration course enrollments. However, they will automatically appear in your August pre-registration plan, so you can attempt to gain entrance at that time.

  • Should I rank more than seven non-FYS courses?
    • YES. These "Additional Courses" will automatically appear in your August pre-registration plan, which will assist you and your advisor in designing the most appropriate plan for you. When you arrive on campus in August, you will have a busy orientation schedule, so please use first-year pre-registration to alleviate August's work.

  • When will I know my first year pre-registration results?
    • You will be able to access your first year pre-registration results in August before August pre-registration. You will receive communication that will alert you to this.

  • What do I do if I change my mind and no longer want to be in a course I got during first year pre-registration?
    • During August pre-registration and September's drop/add, you will have the ability to change your first year pre-registration course enrollments. However, you are encouraged to meet with your faculty advisor before deleting any course. Note that even though this is pre-registration, you are already enrolled in the courses, so be cautious in deleting them. Once you confirm that you have cancelled your enrollment, there is no way to automatically re-enroll you in that course.

  • Do I have to take an FYS course?
    • NO. However, you are strongly encouraged to take an FYS course. These are small seminar courses that are discussion-based and include only first year students, so they serve as an important and useful tool in your transition to college.

  • Why are some non-FYS classes not available during first year pre-registration?
    • During first year pre-registration, much but not all of the Wesleyan curriculum is available to you. For instance, courses that require the permission of instructor and prerequisites require a conversation with the instructor, which cannot be done in June and July. Also, some courses may be geared towards upper-level students.

      Please note that the available curriculum will expand during August pre-registration and drop/add.

  • How do I navigate to first year pre-registration in my portfolio?
    • Navigate to the Wesleyan home page, click on the "Portfolio" button and then log into your own portfolio. In the "Orientation News & Checklist" bucket, click on the "first year pre-registration" link.

  • How do I add ranked course selections?
    • Non-FYS courses can only be added through WesMaps. Please click the "Add to My Courses" button on the respective course's home page. 

  • How do I re-order the ranking of a course?
    • Once a course is in your plan, you are able to alter the rankings using the pull down menu to the left of each course. You even have the option to "Unrank" a selection and move it to the "Additional Courses" list. Simply click delete if you are no longer interested in a course.

  • How many ranked introductory course selections can I add?
    • Each student is only able to rank seven introductory courses. However, there is no limit for the number of "Additional Courses", which will automatically appear in your August pre-registration plan. 

  • How do I change section information, the grading mode or the cross-listing for one of the introductory courses in my course plan?
    • You can change none of the above during first year pre-registration. However, you will able to change these during September's drop/add period. Students are encouraged to discuss any changes with their faculty advisor.

  • Is it possible to register for more than two courses during first year pre-registration?
    • NO. First year pre-registration will provide you with one FYS and one non-FYS course. Typically students enroll in four one credit classes each semester during the pre-registration and drop/add periods.

  • I am a transfer student and would like to participate in first year pre-registration. Why can't I access the first year pre-registration system?
    • First year pre-registration is only for first-year students. New transfer students will participate in the August pre-registration and September drop/add periods.