Bookmarking & Selecting Your Housing


Bookmarking is a process that allows you to explore housing options online and highlight those in which you have an interest.

To ensure a successful room selection experience, it is imperative that you take the time to look at and consider the range of options that will be available.  You will find helpful information about each residential area/location on the room selection website. Use the days prior to the Room Selection Nights process to make a realistic assessment of what is likely to be available when it is time to make a choice.  You will want to bookmark as many potential spaces as possible before you arrive on selection night.  

Important Points to Consider

Selecting Your Room

On your assigned Room Selection night, you should report to Usdan 108 at your designated selection time. Since GRS is in Usdan this year, we will not have the space to accomodate many groups waiting outside Usdan 108 since it is a high traffic area. While waiting to be called up to make a selection you will be able to view which rooms have been selected and which rooms are still available.  

If you or anyone in your group owns a laptop with a wireless connection, it would be very beneficial to bring it to your room selection night.  There will be a limited number of laptops available to use immediately prior to making your selection, but with your own laptop you can check on the room selection progress and add bookmarks at any point prior to making your selection. Please only bring one laptop per group since the network gets very slow with so many people accessing the GRS website on selection nights.

Groups and individuals will be able look at print copies of floor plans for many locations.  Most floor plans are also available on the ResLife website.

After reviewing the housing that remains available, each group/individual has three options:

When each group number is called, you must be ready to make a selection. Please prioritize your alternatives and be flexible in making selections.

After the Room Selection process has been completed and all units have been assigned, residents in apartments or houses with more than one room will be required to make room assignments within that particular unit.  Each group will need to decide room assignments through individual student portfolios by Monday, April 22, 2013 or the Office of Residential Life will automatically make the room assignments.  These room assignments cannot be changed until August.

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