Program Housing and Community Based Living (CBLV)

Application Process

You may apply for up to a total of 3 program house/community based living options. If you are a Copenhagen applicant, you cannot apply to a program house or community based living unless your Copenhagen application is declined and then you can participate in open bid. The process to apply is as follows (and includes students applying to Alpha Delta Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Psi Upsilon, and Delta Kappa Epsilon):

  1. Click on "Housing Contract", read, and then accept the housing contract.
  2. Click on "Lead Paint Notice", read, and then accept the lead paint notice.
  3. Click on "Select" under the Program Housing/Community Based Living section.  A list of the available program housing and CBLV options will be displayed.
  4. Select an option. This will take you to a web site that has a description and a place to rank your preference (at the bottom of the page).
  5. A pink box will appear in the upper left corner of the web page. The box will list the houses or communities you preference (in order) and have the links to the applications that need to be completed.
  6. Click on the application links and complete the forms for each house or community. You will not be able to file an application more than once. The applications have to match the preferences listed on the GRS website or you will not be considered a candidate.

If you are interested in Program Housing or CBLV, you must complete the above steps by Wednesday,February 19, 2014 by Noon (12 p.m.)  


Program Housing



Preliminary bids will be in your e-portfolio by noon on Tuesday, February 25, 2014.  There are 3 possible outcomes:  accepted, waitlisted, or declined.

*Approved Reunion & Commencement, University Summer Housing/Summer Session students (excluding seniors) that live in program housing in 2013/2014 will not be able to remain in their house for Reunion and Commencement week and will be relocated to transition housing.



Community Based Living and Program House/Hall Options

Community Based Living (CBLV)
200 Church Street
Single-Sex Housing
Substance-Free Housing

Program Housing

Alpha Delta Phi*

Film Hall


Art House

French Hall

Psi Upsilon*

Asian/Asian American House

Full House

Russian House

Beta Theta Pi*

German Haus

Science Hall

Buddist House

International House

Sign Language House

Chinese House

Japanese Hall

The Bayit

Community Service House

La Casa


Delta Kappa Epsilon*

Light House

Well-Being House

Earth House

Malcolm X House

Woman of Color House


Music House

Womanist House

Farm House

Open House

Writing House

* If applying to live in Alpha Delta Phi, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Kappa Epsilon or Psi Upsilon, you must agree to the terms
of the Housing Contract and sign the Lead Paint Disclosure.  If you are accepted into one of these houses, you will be credited for 60% of the residential comprehensive fee, as room payments are made directly to the house by the student.

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