Study Abroad 

Currently Abroad (Spring 2013)

If you are currently abroad and have access to your Wesleyan e-mail account and the GRS website, you may register and participate in most aspects of the General Room Selection Process (GRS) without the help of a proxy. You can do all the following without a proxy:

A proxy is only required to choose a room for you during the Room Selection nights at Usdan 108/110 if you are the only member of a GRS group or if all members of the group are currently away from campus. If you decide to be part of a group with multiple students, only one member of the group needs to be present at Usdan 108 during your designated time of selection. If you did not designate a proxy before leaving campus, you may email to provide your proxy's name and WesID.

Abroad for Fall 2013

If you plan to study abroad during the 2013 fall semester and would like to qualify for Off-Campus housing when you return in spring 2014, you must enter the Off-Campus phase of GRS. Since Off-Campus status will only be granted to those who meet the criteria, do not confirm any plans to live in Off-Campus housing until you have been approved for Off-Campus status for the 2013-2014 academic year.  There may not be another opportunity to apply when you return, so you must do it now.

If you plan to study abroad for the 2013 fall semester and are planning to live in campus housing when you return, you cannot enter the GRS Process this semester. Students who apply to study abroad or participate in an off-campus program can be removed from their GRS Group, Program House/Community Based Living or Copenhagen assignment if they have not communicated to the Office of International Studies or Registrar's Office they are no longer going abroad. Detailed information concerning housing for the spring 2014 semester will be sent via e-mail to abroad students in the fall.

Abroad for Spring 2014

If you plan on studying abroad for the 2014 spring semester, you must enter the GRS process to secure housing for the 2013 fall semester.


If you are the designated proxy for someone it is important that you stay in touch with the student and attend any necessary appointments. Please be sure to pay close attention to when Browsing ends and Bookmarking begins as you are responsible for their housing choices.

If you have any questions or would like to register a proxy, please email  Be sure to include in the email your name and WesID, as well as the name and WesID of the person you want to be your proxy or for whom you will be a proxy.

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