Photo of Psi Upsilon

242 High Street

(Accepting applications for the 2016/17 academic year starting February 5, 2016)

Encouraging diversity of thought, background, philosophy, and individual interest, The Xi chapter of Psi Upsilon strives to maintain a safe space for the Wesleyan/Middletown community. We value self-governance, without which one cannot fully develop true leadership abilities. We promote the performance of art, intellectual discourse and the development of interpersonal relationships within our organization and feel it is our commitment to the community to foster these values with the use of our space and number; we are dedicated to providing a rich social life for students across the Wesleyan campus. And as always, we call on all members to work towards our credo of:

Personal Responsibility
Service to Others
Pursuit of Wisdom
Virtuous Character

Founded in 1843, the Xi has been a part of Wesleyan almost since the University’s inception. The first of its kind in the country, our chapter house was built specifically for the use of a fraternity, and we find pride in continuing our many traditions and offering friendship to all with the coeducation of our organization in 2015. While our history, in many ways, shapes how we have developed as an institution, it does not fully define us. Despite the fraternal nature of our union, it is still our belief that such a nature cannot characterize the social boundaries in which we navigate and we seek and encourage all willing to participate in our mission.

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